Why can’t I comment on Youtube?

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asked Jan 30, 2019 in Computers & Electronics by donald (810 points)
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I tried to comment on a Youtube video recently, whenever I try to post one, a window shows up for a second and then nothing happens. My comment isn’t posted and I have no idea what’s going on. Why can’t I comment on Youtube? Does it have anything to do with my account?

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answered Jun 12, 2019 by Travis (970 points)
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Since November 2013, Youtube received a forced integration with Google+, something no one saw coming, something no one “appreciates”. Anyway, since then, a Google+ account is required to comment on a Youtube video. Fortunately, it’s not required anymore :)

Then why can’t you comment on Youtube? The source of this problem would be the “Cookies” on your internet browser. Youtube and Google+ are 2 different websites. Google+ is considered “third-party” to Youtube while Youtube sees Google+ as “third-party”. If your internet browser has the function to “Block third-party cookies” enabled, or if accepting third party “cookies” is disabled, then we will need to change that. Just make an “Exception” for both the two sites on your browser and it’s good to go. Do not entirely disable the “cookies third party” blocker, however, it will put your computer in security risk, from viruses and all.

If the problem persists, your account itself could have been compromised. It is now posting spam to random Youtube videos, usually offering a fake site that promises fortune but is just a scam to get your money. The account has been blocked, and you probably wouldn’t be able to log-in again if you ever log-out. In that case, try contacting Google to help clear your account. Just don’t hold a high hope that you are getting it back, just make a new one, it’s not like anyone is using Google+ for other reasons anyway.
commented Mar 16, 2015 by CedarHill (820 points)
great answr to why can’t I comment on youtube, helped me fix the problem!
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answered Mar 20, 2019 by Trisheena (760 points)
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Can't post comments on Youtube… Ummm, how about you log out first, then log in again? If it still doesn’t work, go and check your Youtube setting and see if it’s something wrong there.
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answered Mar 15, 2019 by Tarraza (650 points)
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Got the same problem here. I gave up commenting at the time; it’s not that important. I'll try it again later, perhaps it’s ok by then or I can figure something out.
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