Why can't I tag someone on facebook?

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asked Oct 25, 2018 in Computers & Electronics by Chyna (640 points)
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I wanted to tag a friend of mine on Facebook but it isn’t giving me that option. Why can’t I tag him on Facebook?

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answered Mar 25, 2019 by Sarah (650 points)
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Ah, good old Facebook. How did we ever communicate without it? We love it, but trying to take advantage of some of its capabilities can be confusing.

You don’t offer a lot of detail in your question. Are you trying to tag a friend on facebook status, or in a picture or a post? Are you new to Facebook or have you been able to tag in the past and this is a new development?

Let’s say you are new to Facebook. Are you sure you are following the steps to tag correctly? If you’re trying to tag someone in a post just start typing their name within your post. A drop down list should appear of friends whose names contain those letters. Just click on the friend you want to tag. You can choose to tag one or more by typing more names and repeating the process. This method should work for either typing a status update or commenting on someone else’s post.

If that doesn’t work for you when you’re doing a status update, look at the lower left hand corner of the box. See the four small icons there? The one, second from the left, allows you to tag someone on your friends list. Click it and a box will pop up asking who you’re with. Start typing the name in there and again the dropdown list will appear. Just click on the friend of friends you want to tag.

If you want to tag someone when sharing a post that you want them to see, hit share, choose the share icon, and select a friend’s timeline and start typing.
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I got the problem solved with this answer to why can't I tag someone on facebook. Thanks for the help!
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answered Jan 29, 2019 by Valverde (830 points)
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If you want to tag someone in a photo, find the picture you want to tag either from your own photos or a photo posted on a friend’s page. When you find it click on the photo and a larger version should appear. There should also be options available. Click on the ‘tag photo’ icon. Or you can hover over the photo and a box will appear that allows you to start typing in the name you want tagged. If the person you are trying to tag is in the picture, just hover over their face and suggested names will appear. Click on the one you want. Hope this answer can help you out when you can’t tag someone on facebook.
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answered Nov 22, 2018 by Elisha (580 points)
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If you’re sure your following the steps for tagging correctly and you still can’t tag, try refreshing the page. Sometimes it just needs shaken up a bit. Another option is to try using a different browser and see if that makes a difference. Do remember that tagging is not allowed if you are posting from a business page.
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