Why can't you wear nail polish during surgery?

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I have been pondering on this question for some time now. Why can't a patient wear nail polish during surgery? Since the surgery is not going to be on your nails, so why can't you wear a nail polish or whatever you feel like wearing on your nails during the surgery?

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answered Oct 10, 2018 by Rose (1,250 points)
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Actually, the answer to this question is a very simple one. Nail vanishes make it hard for the surgeon to follow your progress and keep an eye on how well you are doing during the surgical procedures. Since it is not possible for you to communicate the way you feel to your surgeon during the surgery, it is important for him to read the signs your body is giving to enable him know the way you feel. Whenever you are undergoing a surgery, a probe is placed at your finger tip to enable the surgeon read the level of oxygen in your blood. When there is any kind of artificial polish on your nails, it becomes hard for this probe to read through the nail polish. Additionally, the human nails are known to turn blue following any drop in oxygen level, this color change alerts the surgeon to take necessary actions, but with a polish on your nails, this becomes difficult because he won't be able to notice the color change.

Also, except the nail polish, you are also not supposed to wear any kind of make up during surgeries. Your true skin color can be masked by facial make-up. Your body signals the surgeon how you are coping with the surgical processes, but with the make-ups on, things become hard for the surgeon to notice. Additionally, the surgeon may need to put a tape on your face or any other body part, and with your make-up, it will be difficult for the tape to stick in place.

Other important points to note include leaving every kind of jewelry at home before going to the clinic. Doing this before leaving your home will help keep your jewelries safe from loss. All your jewelries must be removed before the surgery begins, most especially, your lip, ear, nose, belly button, and genitals rings. This will go a long way to reduce the number of bacteria that gain access into the hospital. I just list them here for your information, though it seems not related to the question itself.
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Yes, that is the correct explanation for the question why can't you wear nail polish during surgery
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I have always been asked to remove all my make-up and jewelry before every surgery. I have always thought they insist on a no polish nails because it helps them see my nail beds better. I have had several surgeries in the past and had to remove my nail polish before each surgery procedure began. I have another surgery on the 15th day of this month, and will need to remove my nail polish as usual. Another reason why I have to remove them is because I'm on my medical leave, which means I get a lower paycheck and need to check my spending whenever and wherever I can save a dollar.
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Why can't you wear nail polish during surgery? During the surgery, you can communicate with the doctor. So the doctor needs to use monitor to check your oxygen situation. When you are lack of oxygen, your finger nail will turn purple. But if you wear nail polish, the doctor may not notice this color change, then you may be in emergency situation. In order to avoid this, all the patients are required to remove nail polish before surgery.
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