Why cell phones should not be allowed in school?

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I'm working on an essay on this very topic, and I would appreciate some inspiration from you. So help me find arguments and reasons. Thanks everyone.

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I'm in the teaching profession, and I can't tell you how glad I'm that cell phones are not allowed in the school where I teach.

  1. Students could possibly be playing video games in class.
  2. A ringing cell phone distracts everyone in the class.
  3. Texting can be quite distractive.
  4. Students use cell phones to cheat during exams, sharing answers with each other.
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They can lose their phones
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As a retired New York City school teacher, what I can tell you about this topic is that cell phones should not be allowed into the classroom. Any student that enters the classroom with his or her cell phone simply shows lack of interest in education. Such a student can't pay attention in class, and will have more time for social networks.

When I worked as a public school teacher in NYC, I often caught student texting or playing games with their phones whenever I turned from writing on the blackboard.

By the end of every term, most of the students wouldn't be able to pass the exams, with several of them dropping out of school completely. This high rate of failures among students should be blamed on certain classroom distractions like the use of cell phones.

To most parents, cell phones are easy ways to get in touch with their kids during emergencies. But I often wonder the kind of emergency that will warrant calling a child on his or her cell phone during school hours. I would think that getting in touch with either the police or the hospital would have been more appropriate. And such parents can always reach their children through the phones lines in the school's main office.

And it is a joke to suggest that students can keep their phones locked away in their lockers. Once they have cell phones, nothing stops these kids from bringing their phones to class.

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Why cell phones should not be allowed in school? Cell phones have the possibility of increasing cheating among students. If a student makes up his or her mind to always bring his or her cell phone to class, it is possible that they will be able to make use of it in class and no one will know. And once they succeed with that first step, they will graduate to texting during their tests. This can increase cheating among students greatly.

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  1. Cell phones are huge distractions to the education of any child. Several things can be done using a cell phone such as texting, playing games, social media, and several others and the classroom is definitely not the right place for engaging in such activities. Both the students and the teacher will be distracted by the constant ringing of the phone.
  2. Another reason why phones are not allowed in school is cheating. Students can easily send answers to each other while tests are ongoing. It is also possible for students to Google answers to exam questions through the internet. You cannot learn on any given subject by cheating during the text. Students might distract themselves by bringing their cell phones to the classroom, with phone features like games or the internet instead of concentrating on what the teacher is trying to teach them.
  3. Cyber bullying is also enhanced through the use of cell phones by students. This way, students are able to spread harmful rumors faster through social media platforms. One student can distract other students by texting them during lectures.
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they could butt dial and maybe have it on speaker
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Phones are not allowed in school since people get distracted during class time.                                                                         Number one reason is students using their phones to CHEAT on tests.                                                                                       Number two reason is playing app games during learning time just cause kids think learning is boring when it's useful in the future when they get jobs.
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