Why did Good Luck Charlie end?

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My children and I are bummed. Good Luck Charlie is a program that is easy to watch for children and parents alike. It is cute. I just heard that they ended the program. Does anyone know the reason this program was cancelled?

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This is the reason that the show ended on a serious and controversial note.

The five-year-old little girl who plays Charlie, Mia Talerico, has recently had some very violent sounding death threats. It is believed that the cause of these death threats is a recent episode of the show that featured a lesbian couple.

The death threats included the phrases “Die Mia, F***ing Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die.” followed by “Yes, kill yourself [SIC] stupid b*t*h.”

They are taking these death threats seriously and have thus chosen to cancel the show. The last episode took place in February 2015…one last Duncan family dinner together.

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Good Luck Charlie ended because of death threats to Mia Talerico. Followers of Mia, on her fanpage were seeing threats on her page using profanity, from @killmiatalerico, @hate_miatalerico, and @hatemiatalerico. The death threats have since been deleted.
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Why did Good Luck Charlie end? No, I don’t think they are really cancelling it. That would just be dumb with all of people that watch the show. It’s very popular. I doubt they would really cancel it. I think they are saying that for ratings. There will probably be a strange twist when the show comes back on. It might show Charlie taking video diary of the new baby instead. Maybe it will be based on the Charlie videos. I just think it will be something wayyy different and they won’t really cancel the show.  We’ll see……
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