Why did Kurt Cobain kill himself?

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Kurt Cobain is my hero. He is by far my greatest musician of all times. And my favorite band is Nirvana. But why did Cobain go so soon?

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Several people believe Cobain was assassinated due to the speed at which the Seattle Police quickly declared it a case of suicide out of panic. Have they maintained their composure and continued the investigation, they would have unraveled what we now know concerning the death of Cobain. The evidence that supports the theory that Cobain was murdered is so overwhelming:

  1. His blood was found to contain about three times the fatal dose of morphine; even the most hardened users like Cobain himself would not be able to function, not to talk of aiming a gun at their heads and pulling the trigger.
  2. No fingerprint was found on the crime gun at the scene of the crime. Nor was any fingerprint found on the of suicide note found on the fountain pen used for writing the suicide note. Even the box of the shells of the shotgun had no traces of fingerprints. Cobain wore no gloves at the time of his death, and I don't think dead people do wipe shotguns of fingerprints.
  3. There were two dissimilar handwritings on the suicide note. There was no doubt about that. Experts in handwriting said it is most unlikely that the two handwritings came from the same person. The first writing made no mention of suicide or death or anything like that. The second writing went straight into suicide issues and goodbyes to family and friends.
  4. A man named Eldon Hoke said Courtney Love paid someone $50, 000 to get Kurt assassinated. Eldon was given a lie detector test in 1996 by a well-known polygraph specialist. According to the results, the chance that Eldon told the truth was 99.7%. Eldon was found dead on a train lane eight days after filming his documentary on the same subject.
  5. Kurt Cobain's credit card was canceled by Courtney four days before he died and the report of the Seattle Police showed that the four tires of his car were left flat.
  6. Kurt was found overdosed with alcohol and Rohyphenol in his hotel room in Rome about a month ago. Kurt never used Rohyphnol or drank it. Kurt vehemently denied it was a suicide attempt even the Dr. that attended to him said it was not suicide. There was a prescription of Rohyphnol. She was also in Rome with Kurt when he died. The main suspect of his murder, Michael DeWitt was with him.

There are much more proof that Kurt's death was a murder case; those were the major reasons. All the reasons, from 1 to 4 can all stand on their own as good enough reasons. Add up all the proofs and any other one you can remember, then you will agree that Kurt was assassinated.

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I thought this as well! His music makes a lot more sense now that he is dead, though I can't explain what the feeling stands for, but there is this strange feeling I often get whenever I listen to his music, sometimes a feeling of sadness envelopes me as if I once knew him. As for why did Kurt Cobain kill himself? I may not be able to say why, but I feel Kurt never wanted to live very long, He had a lot of drug problems, coupled with the deep hatred he had for himself, he believed he was never good enough, I believe he had a lot about him that Nirvana fans will remember for a very long time. Though I never knew when Nirvana was still in vogue in the music scene, but I remain one of their greatest fans. How I wish they were still here now and alive with us.
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Kurt Cobain killed himself because he was depressed (probably clinically depressed) and he was fighting a NASTY drug addiction. Life to him PROBABLY seemed pretty hopeless (even with drugs). When faced with the reality that EVERYONE was demanding he quit using drugs, he couldn't find a reason to go on. Not fame, not friends, not family. NOTHING seemed to be enough. The fact is, he had two (2) mental conditions that were tearing at his very soul; Depression AND Drug Addiction. In hind sight, if his family and friends knew what his state of mind was, they probably would not have had the intervention, that lead to his 3 days in rehab, which lead to him committing suicide just days later. THAT is what happend to Kurt Cobain... nobody murdered him... there was no conspiracy. He was an extremely depressed drug addict.


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