Why did My Chemical Romance break up?

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I discovered my chemical romance when my brother gave me The Black Parade just two weeks ago. Literally, upon hearing the first song, I knew I was their huge fan. But soon I found out that they have long split up as I was hoping to search for their latest albums. I thought a band like that should last forever! Can anybody tell me why the hell did they break up?

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answered Feb 11, 2019 by YBLRobby7285 (350 points)
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I bet you, you wouldn’t find any real answer here. A band breaking up is just like a couple divorcing each other. Is there any concrete reason behind that? Sure. But can you really tell which is which? No way! If your girlfriend says to you “we should separate”, what should she say to you to convince you that this is the real reason why you are breaking up? Nothing. Whatever she says would only make you go even more nuts. That’s just the sad truth man. A true rock fan should learn to accept the fact that none of his favorite bands would last forever even before any of their members has the faintest idea of going solo.
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I don’t care what Gerard said afterwards. I don’t buy his or any of its members’ stories AT ALL! It’s just the difference in the musical tastes between him and the rest of the band that drove them apart. Just listen to Gerard’s solo album a year after the break-up. You have to be deaf to fail to notice that it’s just a totally different sound. I personally prefer Gerard’s music now just like I love Lennon more than I love the Beatles. But you can’t take any credit from MCR of course. Gerard would never be who he is now had he not started MCR with Mikey and Ray in the first place.
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Basically, a band separates when either a) there is growing disparities of the ideas of how the band should be among its members or b) there is no longer any market for the band. In the case of my chemical romance, allegedly, it’s the latter, or so Gerard Ways has said. He posted a long tweet just a few days after the announcement of their break-up, saying that he was afraid that declines in ticket sales or boos from fans were looming ahead and that better to end early than to end sad. Well, that’s what the front-man said after the separation. He also denied that there’s any conflict among the band members that led to the break-up. You can read his long tweet here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjdh4f

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Thanks man! Now I understand why did My Chemical Romance break up.
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