Why did the French Revolution happen?

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Working on a History assignment. Just wanting different ways of wording the answer to this question so I can incorporate it into my paper. Thank you.

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There are many “built-up” reasons why the French Revolution happened.

  • “Enlightenment”
  • Religion
  • Weak middle class
  • Extreme differences between rich and poor
  • Horrible leadership in the royals
  • Food shortages
  • Extremely high food prices
  • High unemployment
  • Over-population
  • Financial crisis because of horrible and selfish leadership

Here are the details:

There are many events which took place that led to the French Revolution. There was a serious problem with social inequality. The people were either filthy rich or dirt poor; anyone in the middle did not matter and had no political standings (like the poor). With the new “Enlightenment” came new ideas which were tried (and apparently failed). The economy was managed poorly which led to environmental problems and eventually a failed agriculture.

  1. King Louis XVI is blamed for poorly managing the economy which created a national debt that could not be managed. There was very little food and people needed to be wealthy to even afford what food there was. Harvests were weak and the system in which harvests were transported were inadequate, to say the least.
  2. The royal family and court did not associate with the poverty and grief stricken people of their kingdom. They lived well and did not seem to care what was happening to the people they were to govern and care for. King Louis XVI was well-known to back down from any strong opponent or opposition. When he would attempt to intervene, those in parliament were quick to intervene, not allowing reforms that were much needed.
  3. The “Enlightenment” used a form of media to incorporate a rebelliousness within the lessor class of people. People began resenting royal absolutism and the politically influential Catholic Church. Peasants, as well as laborers and the bourgeoisie, began to resent the traditional ways and privileges of the royal, the noble, and the wealthy. People wanted, and voiced their want, for religious freedom. People craved equality in both politics and economics. Instead of respect, hatred and anger became the feelings towards the King and the Queen.
  4. The people desired equality and liberty in all areas. With the assistance of the Enlightenment and Freemasonry, the revolution for the people’s desires (and basic human needs and rights) became the French Revolution.




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