Why do Asians look younger?

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Have you ever noticed that Asian people look very young? Especially Japanese and Korean. I don’t mean to sound racist, I’m honestly curious. So how do Asian people stay so youthful looking? I know some people wear makeup or edit their pictures, but some people naturally look young. Is it genetic, or is it related to diet? If I ate like that, would I stay young too? I’m 13 now, is it still worth it to try? Thank you for your help.

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There are a lot of reasons why Asian people look younger:

  1. Diet. Monash University in Melbourne found that Greek-born Australians who ate more fruits and vegetables and less coffee, milk, and mono-unsaturated fat developed less skin wrinkles than those who consumed more cakes, pastries, milk, potatoes, and processed meats among Anglo-Celtic Australians who lived in sunny areas. So maybe it is the Asian diet that keeps them looking young, and the Western diet leads to a more mature face.
  2. Lactose intolerance. Of South East Asians, 80% are lactose intolerant. Those who are lactose intolerant would naturally abstain from eating foods infused with dairy products. This contributes to the low amount of dairy in the typical Asian diet.
  3. Asian tastes. The Asians’ preference for pale skin is another reason why people from Asian backgrounds often look young.  Some even put in a lot of effort to appear as fair-skinned as Caucasians. On a sunny day in an Asian country, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see lots of people wearing wide-brimmed hats or carrying umbrellas to shade themselves from the UV rays that dry the skin and create facial lines.
  4. Anti-aging and skin-lightening products are popular with quite a large number of Asians.
  5. Speaking of using artificial means to keep a youthful appearance, plastic surgery is often the way to a young-looking face in Korea. In the Korean entertainment industry, a consistent eternally-21 look is very popular. Various K-pop artists try to appear more Western, gaining smooth unblemished faces through surgical means, though this can sometimes make them appear disturbingly doll-like.
  6. Asians often have small physical statures. In fact, some adult Asians are petite enough to fit children’s clothing. In Western countries where Caucasians are generally taller, their small size can accentuate their youthful appearance.



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Why do Asians look younger?

Hahaha, always see this question anywhere on the internet.

I’m Korean and in our country, westerners are thought to look older. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it might have to do with eyelid thickness or facial bone structure. Here a 14 year old student from America looks like an adult.
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Many asian gets these question so many time it getting annoying but i can say some of what i know may make us look young. First it maybe the diet we eat? Like many asian eats rice everyday many... soo that was put into our System for some reason.


Asian will eat a healthy diet but amercican asian do exercise alot to get the smooth and nice body shape from exercising alot but not to much.


In asian culture many asian want thier skin very bight and pale. That's just fashion in asian culture. So many asian will try many pruduce to get their skin very fair and pale. And asian elder are very fair skin some 50 looks like their 30. Most important is thier makeup! You should go see some of the asian models. They have the right body shape and face structure and their makeup just makes them look way younger then they are really!
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Asians may eat more healthy than  other peoples.  However their facial features I believe make them look younger too . Their noses come with pretty flat bridges.  A small nose bridge makes most any adult look noticeably younger.  I believe the flat bridge explains the epicanthic folds. The folds wouldn't be there if the bridge wasn't so flat.    The most common region of people of the Mongolian race with these folds is Northern China.  I read this in a physical anthropology text book.  There is a med term for younger looking than one's age. Its called Pedemorphic . It means like a child's features.   Fuller lips look more youthful then thin lips.  Asian people , especially females tend to possess these facial features.
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