Why do babies kick in the womb?

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asked Aug 13, 2015 in Culture & Society by YaniraGascoi (240 points)
What takes place when the baby kicks in her mother's womb? How often should a healthy baby kick? Are they trying to say something?

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answered Aug 18, 2015 by TysonLoe088 (360 points)
Healthy babies kick as a way of exercising their small bones. Humans are not immobile beings naturally. Whenever you get the chance to sit near a new born kid, you will often notice how restless the baby can be-kicking arms and legs occasionally. Babies stop moving their bodies only when they are asleep, they are always smiling.

When it comes to how regularly they should be kicking, it depends on the baby concerned. One of the good things about pregnancy is that the mother knows a lot about the baby before it comes forth. She knows when the baby is sleeping and when she is awake. Some provider's advice a pregnant woman to count the number of kicks late in the pregnancy, and record the time it takes to record up to ten kicks when the baby is busy and active.

My advice to most clients is to drink some orange juice, lie on their side, and pay attention to the baby whenever the baby seems less active. If the baby is not active at all, I advice they call my attention.

But also remember that as pregnancy matures, there is less room for the baby in there, so expect more squirming and less kicking because it also counts.
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answered Sep 4, 2015 by TedMunoz0535 (370 points)
Why do babies kick in the womb? Babies kick to create more rooms in the womb. Once they are up to nine months, they kick less and change their positions most times. They stop kicking when they have been born, but there are lots of arms and legs moving and waving. This seems to be what they do when still in the womb, the only difference is that they have more space to express themselves.
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