Why do babies smile in their sleep?

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I have a cute son whom I love to watch every day; he is a month and 2 weeks old. Saying I love him is a huge understatement. I love watching him smile in his sleep...I believe he has so many guardian angels…He smiles in his sleep and it gives me great joy..;) But still I want to know, why do babies smile in their sleep?

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According to scientific findings, there are two types of smiles infants engage in. The first is the spontaneous smile you will often notice in neonates and the second is the social smile you notice in kids within 6-8 weeks. The baby starts laughing by 16 weeks.

Spontaneous smile shows no kind of emotional content and it occurs in kids from the day they were born to when they are about 4 weeks old. These smiles are quite spontaneous and often occur during the REM sleep stages or when the baby is a bit drowsy.

All baby smiles are said to have a subcortical origin and decreases as the baby's age increases. This means premature babies will smile more than the fully mature babies. Most times, their smile in response to some auditory stimuli and not anything they can see, until they get to about 6-8 weeks. If no external stimulus exists nearby, whenever your baby smiles, it could be what we have always known as the gas smile. If the baby is not up to four weeks old, chances that she might be responding to anything external with the smile are very slim. Evidently, what behind a baby's smile can never be gas. That is nothing more than an old wife's tale.

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I grew up with the belief that a newborn smiles when communicating with angels, I love this idea because the older we get, the harder it is for us to believe there is any higher power than the ones we wield. I don't know if I ever met any angel-  perhaps when I was still innocent and had little understanding.
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Why do babies smile in their sleep? It is common knowledge that babies are naturally happy without any reason as they have no understanding of the world around them. It would be wrong to say that they smile because they dream in their sleep. It may be connected with some activities in their subconscious mind.
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