Why do black men have bigger willies?

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asked Jun 3, 2019 in Culture & Society by brent (850 points)
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I have always heard about how black men have bigger willies. Not that I’m worried about my own size or anything. How are their willies bigger than the Caucasians? I’m just curious to be honest. Is it an evolutionary thing? Why do black men have bigger willies than the rest of the races?

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answered Aug 12, 2019 by Dessica (740 points)
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Fortunately for you, bigger willies on black men is just a myth, at least in the USA and EU anyway. There are no actual studies done on the sizes of willies if the blacks have larger ones in comparison ethnicities and races. Size is relative to anyway, man being man wants theirs to be seemingly big. It is a myth made popular by pop culture and such.

In the USA, African descendant have more than not bred with the Caucasians, so average size is the same for blacks and whites. Since black man is bigger in height in general, the consensus becomes them having bigger willies as well. It could be because they are still more likely to come from the lower income, the myth of their size got spread around to compensate for the fact that they are poor. The stereotype persisted with no real basis. I mean, why would they ever try to debunk it? Then pornography comes along and once again presents them with overly huge sizes as the average. Probably the myth of bigger willies started to spread around by white woman who did the taboo thing of having intercourse with a black man since it is more exotic and bestial in a sense. Then rumours spread around how a black man can satisfy a woman better, with the legacy persisting till today. There you have it, black men don’t have bigger willies, it is just a myth. If it is true, then the size is probably not significantly bigger and rather born out of a racist tale.
commented Feb 14, 2016 by Alia81 (140 points)
Wow!! Not sure where you got your research or if you just made it up but it sounds very ignorant!! But you can get anything off the internet. Did you make this hypothesis up based on ANY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE? Or just YOUR OWN RACIST OPINION? It's a FACT  a lot of black men have HUGE COCKS just as a lot of white men and race really isn't issue at all people want what they want! Myself and all of my friends black & white ALL AGREE BLACK MEN ARE USUALLY BIGGER & BETTER IN BED!! not sure of your gender but my advice don't knock it until you try it! A black man was only man to curl my toes!! That is My opinion based on EXPERIENCES Not based on a belief that I am better or superior because I am white!!  Ignorance truly is bliss!!
commented Mar 14, 2016 by sharpyshow (250 points)
You're right. They do.
commented Mar 15, 2016 by sharpyshow (250 points)
You're wrong. Black guys do have bigger willies.
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answered Aug 4, 2019 by Valverde (830 points)
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Well, I’m not sure what I’m going to say it the reason why do black men have bigger willies, but to me it seems true, lol. I think it mostly owning to their average height in general, just like people say the length of the penis of a man is similar to the length of his nose. I guess it’s the same.
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answered Jun 29, 2019 by Alia81 (140 points)
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I know this post is a year old. Not trying to rub anything in or be offensive but the question was asked. I am white woman mid 30's & have slept w/ white & black men, different ages & sizes. I can say from my personal experiences & with all due respect to my white male counterparts that black men definitely have larger penises ( IN MY EXPERIENCES) NONE of the black men I had sex with were small AT ALL!! I've slept with an equal number of both. Not saying all white men are small that is not the case & I am sure there are plenty of small black men as well. That being said, the largest penis I slept with was black man 45 when I was 18, excellent shape very athletic & muscular build he had a huge c**k OMG ORAL CURLED MY TOES. I think it boils down to personal experiences & personal preferences! At the end of the day people want who they want & sometimes it's not always someone of your race that truly satisfies you. When I have slep with black men it's more then just size to me it was just better sex in general for me. Size, passion, uninhibited, straight to the point about what they want, pin me down & just take it. Primal a good word!! Always think outside the box. I do & have never been disappointed.
commented Mar 15, 2016 by sharpyshow (250 points)
Yes, black men are generally bigger.
commented Mar 26, 2016 by vick (100 points)
I wont tell you my sexual preference , But i will tell you what i know about the black men i have seen and some interesting photos you can google yourself , what does hung mean first of all i myself am 8 inches and pretty thick i must say and have been told.....If you google naked african men you will come accross pics of well hung men and very small  and actually lots of both ,  I have seen in real life some very small black dicks  some average  and not so many huge ones ....mind you i am comapring to myself when i say huge and most believe i have a big one. So size is not the reason , nor is how good they are in bed , because I know spain,italy,greece,turkey all have great lovers ...was actually an article published on why women travel there , are these people not considered white......last but not least women may not realize this but most confident black men that do approach white women   are packing , the black guys that dont usually arent  ... they dont want you to be dissapointed , and that brings me to my last point about the myth .... you make the average or smaller black guy feel worse about himslef cause he is excpected to be big. stop it it varies across all races  sex,size,confidence,all of  it....oh and I almost forgot  this is also a fact how many dicks have you seen that are hanging and big get much much bigger when erect. ? Not many there really are growers and showers , most africans hang aND look bigger because of the intense heat
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