Why do cats sleep so much?

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My cat can sleep for the whole day despite the fact that he is very healthy. I keep wondering what could be responsible for this constant sleeping.

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Cats sleep twice as humans do. A healthy cat spends about 12 to 16 hours a day sleeping. Below are some common reasons why cats sleep so much:

  1. Natural instincts. By instinct, cats are predators and have to use up much energy running after their prey. The frequent catnaps all through the day helps the cat to replenish lost energy. Though your kitty may not be dependent on preying to feed, he retained the sleeping trait as a means of conserving energy. Cats are most active at dusk and dawn, so most of the sleep take place in the daytime. This trait was also handed down to them by their wild ancestors who do all their preying and hunting during the dawn and dusk hours.
  2. Age. You cats activity level is greatly affected by its age. Young kittens sleep more than adult cats. In the first few weeks after birth, most newborn kittens sleep most of the time. When they get up to 7 years or above, cats tend to sleep more than when they were much younger. Certain medical issues like arthritis can make your cat immobile, which leads to oversleeping. You can get some help from your vet to help the cat get more mobile.
  3. Boredom. When left all alone, your cat can get really bored. A bored cat tend to sleep more often than an active one. You can get some battery operated or electronic mouse to keep your cat busy all through the day. These fake mouse move around your home, and brings your cat's predatory instincts to life. The presence of another cat in your home will equally make him more active and less bored.
  4. Obesity. When your cat gets overweight, it can function actively like other cats who weigh less. Being obese will reduce your cats speed and agility. This will result in more weight gain and health problems. Talk to your vet about the best diet to help bring your cat to normal weight. The best diet for your cat should contain less calories and more fiber to enable your cat lose weight with time.
  5. Illness. Whenever your cat is awake, you will often see him zapping from one corner of your home to another before taking another nap. If your cat seems lazy or dull when awake, a visit to your vet might be of immense help. Sickness like anemia or hypothyroidism can reduce your cat's activity and sleep more often. A healthy cat is a flurry of activities, so when your cat becomes inactive even while awake, it shows signs of ailment. 
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I like this answer to why do cats sleep so much
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