Why do dogs always want food?

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asked Mar 5, 2015 in Pets & Animals by Jackie (910 points)
My dog gets fed twice a day, every day, yet he acts like he is always starving. He scarfs up any bits I drop and he looks at me with pleading eyes whenever I eat. Why does my dog want food all the time?

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answered Mar 7, 2015 by E. (800 points)

I’ve definitely had dogs that think they can never get enough food. They’re like Hoover vacuum cleaners and would suck up any bit of food as soon as it hit the floor. I knew it wasn’t because they were hungry, but you’d think they hadn’t been fed in days, so eager were they to consume every little scrap of food that came their way.

So, why do dogs always want food? Some dogs behave like that because it is built into their genes. Before dogs were domesticated and came to rely on people for food, they were scavengers and took their meals wherever they could find them. They ate whenever possible because they did not know when or where their next meal would come along. It was important to stockpile as much food in their system as possible in case their hunt was unlucky for a few days. Some dogs today still have that fear that the food will run out so they consume whatever comes their way. If you happen to own a rescue dog, it could be reacting to the memory of almost starving before you came along and still feels the need to eat whenever food is available.

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answered Mar 6, 2015 by Jodi (770 points)
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Sometimes we are guilty of turning our canine companions into cookie monsters. If we frequently give them treats on top of their regular meals, they learn to associate food with love and happiness. If we feed them people food, they discover it is often tastier than the kibble that gets poured in their bowl and learn to beg for a taste of what you’re eating.

This was a common problem at my house until we adopted our current dog. We started this one out right, feeding him high quality dog food and prohibited him from receiving people food. It is healthier for him to stick with food created for canines. Our reward is a beautiful, healthy dog who, believe it or not, does not beg at meal time for some of our food. Good dog :)
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answered Mar 6, 2015 by Marissa (1,530 points)
Certain medical conditions may make a dog feel as if it is hungry all the time. Diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and hypothyroidism are a few of the disorders that will keep a dog’s appetite in high gear at all times. If you think it’s an illness that makes puppy always hungry and want to eat all the time, talk it over with your vet. A blood test can usually determine if your dog has a medical problem or is just a piglet.
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