Why do guys get morning wood?

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asked Mar 24, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Kavita (980 points)
The phenomenon of morning wood intrigues me. I'm used to seeing my boyfriend wake up with a hard-on each morning; though he claims it doesn't always mean he is turned on. But my question now is why do guys wake up with morning woods? Is it something serious that needs special concern?

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answered Mar 26, 2015 by Davood (780 points)
When men sleep during the night, they get erections several times. It is normal for a guy to always get an erection while they are in their REM stage.

The erections being referred to here is the ones that occur during the night. These are known as nocturnal erections, and they happen while you sleep. These night erections begin in men in their early years, but it continues all through a man's adult life. They occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep - this is the stage where dreams occur during sleep.

Though, these instinctive erections are in no way connected to sexual excitements and dreams. They happen due to the flow blood into the penis following the actions of neurological stimulators. This helps maintain the health of the penile tissues while ensuring the proper and efficient delivery of oxygen.

Men hardly notice these erections, but they often encounter them once they wake up in the morning. There is an average of 4-5 of such hard wood episodes before daybreak, and it happens to everyman.

Men who find it difficult to maintain an erection as a result of certain psychological disorders still have these involuntary erections during the night.
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answered Mar 27, 2015 by natalie (1,060 points)
Why do guys get morning wood? From what I understand about this issue, which I call the morning glory, it occurs because we feel we need to pee as soon as we wake up in the morning...and that is the most effective way to inhibit the urge to pee.

That is all I know about men and their morning wood, though I know it is far more complicated than what I just explained.
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