Why do I cry when I poop?

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I have sought information on this from people....it is not like crying really....tears just fill my eyes and run down my cheek. I don't have constipation, it does not hurt, and definitely not a reason to cry. Both my mum and little brother experience it also. Are there some kinds of tear ducts in my anus or what? It is not something many experience I guess. Can anyone tell me why?

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Why do I cry when I poop? According to the famous Dr Oz, crying when they poop is quite normal in a number of individuals. Considering how the brain makes decisions, going to the restroom is something that comes naturally to everyone. The human brain is known to send a message to the colon to head to the bathroom, but this is not exactly the same with shedding tears which is controlled by certain parasympathetic systems in your body-which is why such signals get crossed. Dr Oz is of the opinion that this is a common thing in most people, though some people compare what they experience with what their friends say to form the opinion that it does not happen to everyone. According to Dr Oz, some people can equally experience changes in their blood pressures and sweat when they poop.
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Right now, I'm thirteen and this has been going on for a couple of months now. I will soon turn fourteen. I often asked my friends if they have ever cried while they poop. Of course, they always gave me a look that showed they thought I was kind of weird. But I wasn't the one making myself cry, and it wasn't like I had constipation or any such complication. It always comes out normally, and I will emerge from the bathroom with my eyes all wet and starry. I checked it up and Dr Oz was of the opinion that it occurs whenever the brain mixes up certain signals or any such misinterpretation of information. Try to look it up yourself, what we have is far from rare.
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I have a very similar case with you. I cried whenever I pooped and thought little of it until I was eleven. One day after I turned eleven, my dad saw my tear-filled eyes after I pooped and asked what was wrong with me, I said nothing was wrong with me and he laughed, hugged me tightly and said I should cook up a more convincing lie next time. After that day, I asked some of my friends if they experienced the same thing, but they always gave me the same weird look. I'm 19 now, and glad to know that I'm not the only one with this condition.
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Why do I cry when I poop? The reason for this condition is related to the fact that the human parasympathetic nervous system contains a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, which is responsible for controlling the formation of tears by the lacrimal gland and is at the same time released along the cranial nerves. It is release down the cranial nerves continues until it begins to branch out to the nerves that travel to the colon and the glands with the aim of increasing peristaltic or hostile movement of the bowels. High concentration of this acetylcholine can cause this condition. Increased stress on the anal sphincter raises the rate of lacrimation.
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