Why do I dream so much?

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asked Nov 8, 2018 in Science by Wesley (630 points)
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When I wake up in the morning, I find myself wondering why I had so many dreams that night, and if they mean anything. Sometimes they’re terrifying, like red-eyed goats nudging me off a cliff-side. Sometimes they’re… sensual; let’s put it like that. I just wonder if it means something about my mind. Why am I dreaming so much?

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answered Feb 9, 2019 by Faith (1,060 points)
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For the sake of your sanity, I won’t try to interpret your red-eyed goat dream; but I will tell you not to put much thought into it. Curious, questionable, and sensational dreams are all part of the wild human experience. Thinkers like you have always tried to make sense of these nighttime phantasms and why they occur, yet the mystery remains. The imagination is most wild and unpredictable at sleep; but usually dreams are merely a reflection of our mindsets during the day. Perhaps you dream so much because you have a lot on your conscious. If your mind is racing before bed, it can race through the night as well.


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answered Jul 26, 2019 by letty (640 points)
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It's not easy to answer your question, "why do I dream so much?" but I'd like to try. Many theorists through the ages have attempted to explain dreams, and why some folks dream more than oters. Perhaps you dream so much because you have a lot on your mind. Sigmund Freud proposed dreams are the brain’s way of working through solutions to our inner-conflicts, some of which exist in the deepest subconscious crevices of the mind. Other thinkers propose that what we see in dreams is nothing more than the sleeping brain’s method of organizing, categorizing, and symbolically representing memories. Actually, most people have at least 4 dreams every night; but unlike you, they simply don’t remember.
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answered May 10, 2019 by Toni (750 points)
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Everyone dreams at least 4 times a night; but you may feel you are dreaming so much because your mind is overactive before sleep, or you have a lot on your thoughts, causing your brain to race during sleeping hours. By no means does it indicate you are unstable or should seek a psychologist. Perhaps your brain is overactive at night, making connections between neurons and spitting out random images associated with memories, big as experiences with family and small as the litter you saw on the sidewalk with a goat on the label. Dreams are completely natural, yet they remain a mysterious black hole of nonsense. 

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