Why do I keep getting UTI?

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I keep getting UTIs. I’ve tried everything to prevent them, such as urinating before and after sex. I shower once or twice a day and I follow all my doctor’s instructions, but I keep getting them. What should I do?

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I don’t know the specifics of your situation but I can offer some information about frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in women.

  1. The cells that line the urinary tract have protections to guard against bacteria, but when they become weakened, infection can follow. The defenses can suffer due to damage or irritation to the cells in the urethra or vagina from things like douching, sexual intercourse, or using irritants such as the ones found in spermicides. Tissues diminishing in the urinary tract after menopause can deteriorate the barrier of defense and increase the risk of a UTI.
  2. Another hazard appears when bacteria stay in the urinary tract for long periods of time, causing them to multiply. Any obstruction of the urinary tract can cause this – anatomical anomalies in the urinary tract, issues with bladder muscles, bladder and kidney stones, or an enlarged prostate in men. Failure to drink enough water to let the body expel bacteria can also increase the risk of infection.
  3. It’s notable that being biologically female is a risk factor for UTIs in itself. The main reason for this is that women have a shorter urethra than men, which decreases the distance bacteria has to travel to the bladder.

Here are some ways you can decrease your risk of UTIs:

  • Stay hydrated! Drinking water helps to the urethra clean.
  • Change up your sex positions to cut down on friction.
  • Use a bit of water-based lubricant during intercourse to further reduce friction.
  • Avoid using diaphragms and spermicide as birth control, as they can both increase the risk of UTIs. Talk to your doctor about alternative birth control methods.
  • For both men and women, urinating before and after intercourse helps remove spermicide, semen, and bacteria from the urethra.
  • Both partners should wash their hands before intercourse to cut down on bacterial contact.
  • If you are a woman, wipe from front to back after using the restroom and refrain from using douches and scented feminine products, which can irritate.



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Informative answer to the question why do I keep getting UTI
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UTIs can be triggered by using too much laundry detergent, or by using some types of bubble bath liquid. Another common cause is not emptying your bladder completely when urinating.

If you were prescribed an antibiotic and did not complete the prescribed prescription, the infection may have become immune to them and not completely cleared up.

Talk to your physician about sending a urine sample to test for culture and sensitivity, which will help you find out what type of bacteria is causing the infection
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