Why do immigrants come to America?

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I just read lately that more and more people are migrating to my country. So why America? Why do they need to migrate to another country? And why not other countries like Australia or the United Kingdom? Do people still believe that coming to America can actually change their life?

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Just like you hear about job opportunities being more abundant in America, there’s more widespread education than in many countries. Immigrants come to America in order to pursue higher education in our system that provides a wide variety of options to suit all kinds of needs. There’s a college for everyone here, between public, private, large, small, liberal, or even online. Another educational reason for the immigration is that there’s a better base educational system here in general. Some people might be trying to better their children’s lives by living somewhere that they can have better education access.
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The United States of America, home of the free, land of the brave, to many, is the best country in the world. Why do immigrants come to America you ask? Simply because of the hope for better future prospects than their home country can offer.

Back in the days, and even now, when you move to a new country, you start from zero again. No friends, no qualifications often, nothing to your name, except for a few belongings that you brought along. A literal life resets if you may. It’s born out of necessity, sometimes desperation. It gives them another chance at life which may be initially limited due to circumstances in the homeland.

So why the United States of America, not another country? The USA is not the only option; in the past, however, it was THE land of the dreams. The USA was the powerhouse, in terms of economy and military standing, basically the pinnacle of what the world has to offer. That’s how it was – America, the land where you can change your life. It was also back when the ideals of the American dream is most present. Everyone can have a share of the apple pie, all with enough hard work. It was the ideals that were passed around from generations to generations, even today, that sense of confidence that only the American can have, that they will risk their life for.

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Why do immigrants come to America? It would probably help to first answer your other question of why do they need to migrate to another country? People choose to immigrate for a lot of different reasons, but the main ones are:

  • War/Conflict

Pretty obvious, but when a country is torn apart by war, people go in search of peace and security for themselves and their families.

  • Bad/Corrupt Governments

Corruption is rife in many places, particularly third world countries. Those leaving dictatorships, oppressive regimes or other types of government often view countries with a democratic system of government favorably.

  • Religious Intolerance

Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right, but it is still often denied to many people around the world. Those seeking religious freedom are willing to move to foreign countries so that they can practice their religion without persecution.

  • Job Opportunities

If you live in an area where there are few job opportunities, then the hope of a good job in a foreign country can be a powerful motivator to immigrate.

  • Family

When one family member moves abroad they will often be followed by others who have been encouraged to seek a better life.

So, when you look at all the reasons that people choose to immigrate, you start to see why many of them choose the United States of America as a final destination. The country does not have any internal conflict, the government is seen as stable and democratic, religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution, job opportunities are plentiful and, as millions of people have immigrated to America in the past, many family members are following. 

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There are already a lot of immigrants in America who have varying amounts of family left back in their home country. Sometimes their entire family!  The want to reunite with their family is one reason why immigrants come to America. When they hear news of how well their family is doing in a new country, it motivates them to make the move themselves. That happens all the time inside America when someone’s family follows them from the east coast to the west coast, for instance. Doing so from another country is no different!
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The American dream, the big cities, the promised glamorous lifestyle that Hollywood movies always had shown… all these could be the reason why do immigrants come to America. Cuz why would you not be part of it all?

In any case, USA is considered the best country in the world to many, the gatherings of the world’s most powerful individuals and the chance to work in the same ground as them, in what is still believed to be, unfortunately, the best political system in the world. Everyone wants a piece of that prosperity. Some dream of a better job there, some escape the status quo they have received back home, some try to escape the higher living cost of European countries, not to mention the idealistic freedom of expression they constantly rave about. Whatever the case is, anyone that is willing and wants to move to America, is there to improve their life, maybe in the future, will contribute on the betterment of the United States of America.
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Because we live in a country with so much freedom and education, it’s easy to forget that there are still a lot of areas in the world that are experiencing major oppression. Some immigrants come to America to escape different kinds of persecution in their home country, whether it’s religious, political, economical, or social. They have their families to keep in mind, and sometimes moving to another country gives their children the best quality of life as well as better opportunities.
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It is a basic math equation. Perceived economic benefits + no war + minimal natural disasters + job opportunities + improved standard of living = desirable place to live for anyone who has been born into a third world country. America is portrayed by Hollywood as this magical land of opportunity, so for many people it is seen as the ideal destination to immigrate to. However, as a side point, more people immigrate to Australia and the United Kingdom than the United States of America. In fact, the number one country for immigration is Lebanon, with Australia ranking number 23 in the list, followed by the United Kingdom at number 38. The United States of America is only ranked at number 40…so clearly it’s not quite as popular a destination as you imagine.
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One of the biggest reasons why do immigrants come to America is for better job opportunities, to make more money, and better support their family. America has always been a land of opportunity and immigrants come to America to get better jobs or pursue their dreams. Some of these people might be coming to America specifically because they tried to pursue their dreams elsewhere and it just didn’t work. Or their home country might be experiences economic struggles or changes that make it not as desirable to live in any more.
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People might have come to America because they wanted freedom and freedom rights
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