Why do men beat women?

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asked Jul 19, 2015 in Relationships by OctaviaBoliv (270 points)
A close friend of mine has a boyfriend that punched her recently. HOW IS THIS STILL HAPPENING IN 2015?! Physically abusing a woman is just terrible and horrifying. She now has a bruise on her left eye, so she covers that with her long hair. That’s only the bruise that she admitted to. She has a lot more bruises along her arm that look like pinching. Yet they are still together. I told her to get away from him, but she refuses. So I really want to know why do men beat women? Are they animals?

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answered Aug 2, 2015 by MelvinaGlade (360 points)
Men beat women because men love the woman so much that they think the woman only belongs to them. It’s a twisted and selfish logic, but the love they have for the woman is just horrifyingly different. That means controlling every little aspect of the women’s life, the way she dresses, who she texts and calls, where she goes and keeps in contact with. The way they ensure this “loyalty” is through physical violence. It’s an obsession for the women’s love really derails from what you expect to just plain abuse, so the men easily get jealous. They even blame the women for causing them to raise their hands on the matter. It’s always a “choice” of the men to them and it’s because the women provoke them that they are forced to beat the women. It’s become a lose-lose situation for the women, where getting out of the relationship will not even guarantee their safety because of the violent tendency of the men. Still, get out of the relationship as early as possible!
commented Aug 20, 2015 by ICWBarb22687 (150 points)
If this is why do men beat women, then men who beat women are truly twisted and monsters!!
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answered Sep 16, 2015 by DaciaAph2511 (250 points)
Men who beat up women are probably the most insecure. Men could be perfectly normal outside and confident all-around, but transforms when being alone with their partners. Often times, they do not know how to control their emotions, ending up being violent and hitting the women. Other times, it’s due to them not knowing how to convey their anger, so they went full barbaric on the women. This insecurity as well is worsens when they start suspecting that the women will throw them under the bus or even met up with a new love interest. That insecurity from jealousy leads them to further physically abuse the women. That fear of losing the women leads them to violence. This is also why arguments are often the leading cause to the physical abuse, inability to convey their feelings, refusal to lose due to ego, frustration from relationship tension and finally, physical violence because of anger. Mind you, this happens the other way round as well, from men to women, so it’s not a problem strictly by gender, but by terrible control of emotions.
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