Why do mockingbirds sing at night?

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asked Feb 10, 2015 in Pets & Animals by Kamelia (1,040 points)
During the summer time I have often wondered why mockingbirds sing at night. I have become increasingly curious since they seem to also sing during the day time. Why are they constantly singing?

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answered Feb 15, 2015 by shannette (600 points)
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Mockingbirds have a very distinct song that they sing. They are often recognizable right away in the spring and their song seems to become stronger as the summer days get longer. However, mockingbirds don’t just sing during the day. They sing all night as well.

For hours upon hours you can enjoy the song of the mockingbird all summer long if you really want to. But why do mockingbirds sing at night, and why are they singing for so much longer than other birds? Mainly the male mockingbird is attempting to attract a mate. While this is done mostly during the daytime hours, their songs continue throughout the night. Simply put, the mockingbirds are attempting to fend off other suitors. They seem to think that they are in a constant battle with other mockingbirds over their territory as well as their mates. The more threatened a mockingbird feels, the louder their song becomes. So if you are listening at night and hear a mockingbird that seems to be getting louder and more aggressive with their song it’s because they are trying to fight off either a real or imaginary threat with other mockingbirds.
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answered Feb 11, 2015 by jared (720 points)
I personally believe that mockingbirds sing at night, actually all night, because they are trying to keep people up. It’s like they are little monster birds sent from our worst enemies to sit outside our windows all night and just sing their little bird song so that we can’t get any sleep. A mockingbird doesn’t just stop there though, they continue on throughout the day so that you have to hear them nonstop. These little birds aren’t cute and they most certainly aren’t quiet. It seems to get even worse when they have another mockingbird in the area. I could understand if their songs were just to attract a mate, but is it really necessary for them to continue after they have found one? Maybe they are trying to fight off other mockingbirds but is it really necessary for them to do it all night long? I am convinced that these birds were created to simply annoy humans because there really is nothing appealing or nice about them.
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answered Feb 20, 2015 by Catherine (730 points)
I think it's not right to ask "why do mockingbirds sing at night", you should ask why they sing MORE at night. See, when there is a full moon, mockingbirds tent to sing more at night. This might be because a full moon gives off a lot more light, so the extra brightness convinces mockingbirds that it’s time to sing. The brighter lighting just pulls out more personality from the birds.
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answered Feb 15, 2015 by Almaza (400 points)
From what I know, only single male mockingbirds sing at night because they are looking for a mate. These birds sing their songs during the day just like any other bird for reasons typical of their species, but at night time, mockingbirds looking for a mate continue to sing. This is why you only hear them making noise at night during the late spring and summer months when the breeding season is in full swing. Unmated male birds typically sing more than mated birds anyway, and this is just another aspect of their personality.
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