Why do Muslims hate Jews?

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asked Jul 15, 2015 in Culture & Society by Mohammad (990 points)
I’m neither Jewish nor Muslim, but in the world news and what I’ve heard from other people it seems like the two groups have a lot of issues. I do know that Muslims generally dislike all non-Muslims, but I’m not very familiar with their beliefs or history. Why do Muslims have so much hostility towards the Jews in particular?

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answered Jul 21, 2015 by aven (860 points)
There has been political tension between Arabs and Israelites since WWII when land was split up and regrouped. The United Nations took some of the land of Israel that was ruled by the British and gave it to the Jews, but this land was mostly inhabited by Arabs. There was a lot of protest on the sides of the Arabs, and this fueled some hatred between the two groups politically. However, both Muslims and Jews are subgroups of these two larger ones.
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answered Jul 23, 2015 by Jeremy (1,050 points)
Coming from a devout Muslim, it’s not that Muslims hate Jews but that they dislike the state of Israel. He says that it’s not an Islamic belief to hate Jews and many Muslims have no racist feelings towards them at all. However, there’s a lot of tension between the Muslims and Israelites for political reasons, which is entirely different from the Jewish people. Israelites are citizens of Israel while Jews are a religious identity.
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answered Jul 16, 2015 by Savannah (1,000 points)
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So why do muslims hate jews? Mohammed taught his followers to hate Jews and claimed Allah as the source of this declaration. The modern Muslim hatred for Jews is just part of a long trickling down from decrees in their religious beliefs made by Mohammed. His goal was to create a unified Arabic religion, but in order to make this religion legitimate in the eyes of the religious world, he had to make a connection back to Abraham, which is essential to the Jewish and Christian religions. Mohammed was enraged by the Jewish people’s rejection of him being a prophet when he tried to make an alliance with the surrounding Jewish tribes. To his followers, Mohammed portrayed himself as a victim to Jewish hatred, and on his death bed, he gave an order to kill any Jew his devoted followers came across. The Jews as a whole were disenfranchised even worse by the Muslims throughout time, who were told by religious leaders that the Jews wished to destroy Islam. This turned into a major principle of Islamic thought: all Jews have to be destroyed for the sake of peace in the world. More extremist Muslims have taken this statement to its literal meaning and have attempted to make war on the Jews and eliminate them as a people.
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