Why do Muslims have beards?

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I was watching a video on the daily lifestyle of Muslim recently and discovered that every one of the men wore beards. I don't know why they do. Is it out of a religious obligation or is it by choice?

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There are many sources in support of the Muslims affinity for beards. Though the Quran does not contain anything in this regard, most Muslim clerics believe that wearing bead is a way of showing total obedience to messenger of Allah, the prophet, and a part of Sunnah. Aka Sira, the biography of the prophet contains an account of the prophet ordering his followers to grow beards as a way of distinguishing themselves from the Persians/Zoroastrian. Growing beard has sometimes been mentioned as an important aspect of personal hygiene, known as, Fitra as contained in the Hadith. Some minor group of Muslim scholars believe that it is mandatory for every Muslim to grow beard as proclaimed by Ibn Taymiyyah, the 14th scholar. The modern Salafi movement has further reaffirmed this.

The Quran

In the Quran, Allah is totally silent when it comes to the issues of Muslims wearing beads. This is the reason why most Muslim scholars find it hard to make beard growing mandatory for all male Muslims in spite of the prophet's love for beards.

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Why do Muslims have beards? This is seen as a tradition known as Sunnah of every prophet of God who follow after the religion of men like Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad. May God's peace be upon every one of them.

Prophet Muhammad ordered all his followers to observe this important historic tradition as a way of differentiating themselves from all non-believers. The beard symbolizes manhood and honor. It makes you humble and helps you remember the duty you owe God and members of your family.

And lastly, Muslims grow beards because God commanded them to do so and He God knows the nature of man better than man does since He created man.
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