Why do people abuse animals?

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asked Apr 5, 2015 in Pets & Animals by dayana (510 points)
How could anyone hurt animals? Just the other day I read a news that many people kick their dogs out of anger or just for the sheer fun of it. Why would they do that? What kind of sick mind would do that to a helpless animal? Why do people abuse animals? Is it because they grew up in an environment that just encourage them to do so? Animals have feelings too...

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answered Sep 20, 2015 by CarmineKrl96 (360 points)
Some people who abuse animals do not do it on purpose. Ill intention? Maybe. But only because they don’t fully realize that they are hurting the animals. Some people don’t know the suitable condition for an animal to live in. Different animals need different kind of shelter and people fail to realize that. They might think that keeping their dog outside in the yard all season would not affect the animals or they might have the chain on the dog too short. Some believe that cruelty is needed to discipline a pet. Punishment and intimidation are not the best way to train an animal. Some fail to pay enough attention to their pet. Not so much that they are neglecting them, but closer to not leaving more water for the dog to drink in a hot day. Some thinks they are actually helping the animals. There are also animal lovers who adopt many animals but don’t care enough for every one of them, so ends up leaving them living in an unsanitary condition. All they need is to just be taught that they should be aware that they are hurting them unintentionally.
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answered Jul 10, 2015 by GlendaHought (250 points)
There are people who abuse animals on purpose, mainly due to immaturity. Such as a group of kids that kicking a cat and chase them around because it’s fun. Or pelting rocks at a bird nest just to get it off the tree, again because they are kids and it’s fun, at least in their eyes. So these young minds don’t realise that they are hurting the animals or doing it because of peer pressure. Some might be doing it out of anger at home and kick the pet dog to vent that rage. They just don’t think about how the animal feels. Well with age comes wisdom and they soon shy away from doing such things. Proper education is important to lead them to the right direction early.
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answered Sep 6, 2015 by ShavonneHerl (200 points)
Why do people abuse animals? Because they enjoy hurting other things, but they can’t do it on a human because of social standards. They intentionally hurt animals because it makes them feel empowered and just a sadist in general. If they could hurt another human being and get away with it, they probably would. Animals are the easiest helpless target. There is that need to feel in control over others. Hurting the animals give the people control over the animals. Some simply enjoy the pain and violence of it. If you know anyone who does this, do not ostracise them, get them to a psychologist or a therapy. This kind of act is usually born out growing up in a toxic environment or brain damage in some case. Get help for them early.
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