Why do people cyberbully?

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I just found out my 15 year old cousin is being cyberbullied by a group of kids at her school. She was in tears when I talked to her tonight. She told me some of the mean things they had posted, calling her fat and ugly, telling her what a bitch she is. I want to help but I don’t understand. Why do people cyberbully? Why do people choose to be so mean?

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As you know cyberbullying is bullying done electronically. As technology has grown and developed so has cyberbullying. This is a 21st century problem especially facing teens. As much as 9% of children within grades 6-12 become targets of cyberbullying.

The effects of cyberbullying can be traumatic. It’s known that kids who suffer this form of bullying are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, get poor grades in school, skip school, suffer more health problems, have lower self-esteem, and even commit suicide.

What makes cyberbullying particularly harsh is that it can happen anywhere, even in the safety of your own home. It attacks via text messages, posts on social media sites, or comes through email. Unlike face-to-face bullying, it’s hard to escape cyberbullying. It can happen 24 hours a day, anywhere, anytime.

As to why cyberbullying has become so prominent, there are different reasons. One reason people turn to this form of cruelty is because they can do it anonymously. They take advantage of the ability the internet provides to disguise their identity. That makes the instigator feel safe and protected, less likely to be caught.

They also don’t have to face their victims and see their reactions. They never see the hurt-filled eyes, crushed expressions, or the tears they cause so they don’t develop empathy for the victims.

Some teens practice cyberbullying because it makes them feel cool, especially if others are doing it. It makes them part of a crowd, part of a team. Peer pressure can also play a role.

It is believed that both popular kids and teens on the social fringe are most likely to practice cyberbullying. The popular kids do it to make themselves feel more powerful and flaunt their status as leaders. The kids who are less popular do it to help boost their own low self-esteem or to make them seem cooler to other more socially successful teens.

No matter why they choose to cyberbully, it is wrong. To learn more about cyberbullying and how to deal with it visit the website Stopbullying.gov.

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Why do people cyberbully… Guess most of the “people” here should be narrowed down to teenagers? They have nothing to do but hang around school all day, pick on someone and bully… all these are for fun, for showing how cool they are, how powerful they are. To me, that is silly stupid childish kids’ trick, but if my child got cyberbullied, whoever did that can wait for me to kick their asses!
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Cyberbullying can be the result of boredom and seeking entertainment. There’s so much technology easily accessible to everyone of all age groups, and it’s getting easier for people of all ages to manipulate it. Some people find it entertaining to harass others online, and they don’t always see it as harassment because they are looking at a screen instead of a person. They just do it for fun or to try to get a reaction out of someone.
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Some people cyberbully because they’re power hungry or seeking revenge. Because you can hide your identity or even create a new reputation for yourself online with people that don’t know you, it’s easier to manipulate people online. All of a sudden the nerd at school who gets picked on every day can get even with his tormentors online where there’s no physical threat.
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