Why do people deny climate change?

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asked Jan 9, 2019 in Science by jade (580 points)
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I don’t understand how in 2015 people are still denying that climate change exists! It’s causing so many problems, with scientific proofs showing that it is happening right now. Yet, people still refuse to do anything about it, just because they think it doesn’t exist. Why do people still deny climate change, deny that we are facing global warming? We all live on the same Earth, shouldn’t we care more?

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answered Feb 4, 2019 by Tomikia (880 points)
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Basically, the mass media is the main culprit on why so many people deny climate change. Televsion, newspapers and various social media sites have always propagated the wrong idea of the state of climate change. They tend to understate them as mere reports, so we tend not to care as much. Public opinion is easily swayed by what appeals to them best, unfortunately, what appeals to them comes from the skeptics, so we have skeptics claiming as experts telling us there is nothing to fear. Many huge companies lobbying against environment regulations try to debunk climate change through campaigns that raise doubt in an actual scientific fact.
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answered May 28, 2019 by Heather (790 points)
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97 out of 100 scientists believe and have proven that climate change is a scientific fact. The other 3 is paid by lobbyists. So why do majority of the people still deny that climate change exists? Because the scientists are misrepresented. The televisions are, again, to blame. Whenever a debate on the topic is held on air, it is always one against one. The problem with a debate is there is always a winner at the end. So in essence, the people who watch the show will have a split idea as well. That is becoming a real problem, since statistically, the skeptics have more voice on the matter than they should have.
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answered Jul 12, 2019 by Miranda (830 points)
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When it comes to questions such as why do people deny climate change, the denial from some politicians has also brought some bad impacts. Barrack Obama himself have stated, “It is not something in the distant future, climate change is already affecting us NOW,” which was immediately brought down by rival political group. There is a concept of “echo chambers” in politics, where people will only group with another that has similar opinions. They only hear what they want to hear, denying all opposing views to the end. Which is pretty egotistical, but this is dangerous since the same false view could be repeated until it becomes “true” in as sense. We don’t need people opinions on facts, so to t’s should not about whether we should focus on if it exists. It should be what we should do about it.
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