Why do people get plastic surgery?

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Most times plastic surgeries end up giving the people who get them a worse appearance than they had before the surgery, so why do people still go for it? Though not in all cases, but it sure makes some people look very disgusting and fake.

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There are several reasons why people go for plastic surgeries, but conclusively, there are two major reasons:

  • Most people opt for cosmetic surgery to achieve a much younger look to help their careers or for some other such personal reasons.
  • Others go for plastic surgeries because they have always wanted to change something they don't like about their looks.
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There is something every one of us has always desired, and in most people like me, it is to look prettier and sexier. I have always desired to undergo some plastic surgeries right from when I turned twelve. At the age of fourteen, I began to save for my future plastic surgery, I just turned 16, and I hope that by the time I turn 18, I would have saved up enough money to afford a cosmetic nose change.

Explaining this to people can be quite difficult because they will often tell me it is not a good idea, "you don't need a cosmetic surgery", "you can't afford it", "you are not old enough for such things", but what they fail to get is that I'm not doing it to please them, I'm doing it to please myself.

I believe six years will be enough to give me a clear idea of what I want and how I want it, I'm not the dumb type-far from it. I just made an A* in my GSCE math's, but to be honest, I dream of becoming a playboy playmate in the future.

I believe I must break through every glass ceiling in my life and allow myself to become everything I have ever dreamt of becoming in life.
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As a matter of fact, most people who go for these cosmetic surgeries do so without going over the limits like some celebrities do. They just have some little adjustments that leave them with natural and better looks unlike celebs that keep getting facelifts until they look like some dolls or zombie freaks from Star Wars.
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answered Aug 12, 2019 by Joshua (870 points)
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There are two major reasons why people go for plastic surgeries. Some do it to look more attractive while others go for it to make sure they don't end up with scars after an accident. The second reason is most applicable if the injury is on the facial area because no one wants to have a scared face. Additionally, some individuals prefer having professional plastic surgeons work on their faces to reduce the severity of their scars. The second reason has to do with people's discomfort about their looks. Though surgery can be a very expensive option for altering ones looks, it remains the most effective procedure to achieve that, which has helped increase the popularity of plastic surgery. Some people also choose to go for plastic surgeries as a way of following the examples of their favorite celebrities who did same. I have never had any such surgeries and never dream of getting one because I love the way I look and I'm rather too young to be thinking of altering my looks through surgeries. It seems it is a topic you are very much interested in. I don't recommend it. Love your body as it is and never try to look like someone you admire.
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answered Jul 31, 2019 by stephan (980 points)
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Why do people get plastic surgery? Because some people are simply not happy with the way they look!

My mum got a face lift last year at the age of 58. She has been a very happy and active woman all her life, which was part of the reason why everyone believed she would be in her late forties even before she got the face lift. People thought that at most she would be in her early fifties due to her glamorous skin and personality... But there was a difference between how she looked and how she felt, the years were beginning to take their toll on the natural radiance of her skin and signs of aging like wrinkles could be seen around her eyes, so she had to get a face lift to restore her youthful radiance.

Nothing too severe, just a natural touch and she got her fresh look back!

On the other hand, my best friend in her middle twenties had gone for a boob enhancement surgery, a liposuction with some fat added to her buttocks to make her look Brazilian... In my own view, she looked quite beautiful in her natural body buildup and never needed any of those surgeries at all, but it isn't something I like saying because she is a very vain person who values her looks above anything else.
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