Why do people hate Iggy Azalea?

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asked Apr 21, 2015 in Entertainment by Tiffanie (1,000 points)
I’ve been listening to Iggy Azalea since the very beginning of her career, and I’ve followed her off and on over the years. I didn’t think her music was that bad, but I don’t know a lot about her as a person. Since she started getting radio time, the internet is buzzing with negative criticism and jokes about Iggy. Why do people hate her? Because of her music or because of more personal reasons?

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answered Apr 29, 2015 by Kathy (1,380 points)
There’s a lot of hate about Iggy Azalea because she seems interested in the music industry just for the money. She’s not very good at writing her own lyrics, and on several talk shows as well as at concerts she’s messed up her own lyrics. So Iggy doesn’t seem very committed to her work or even talented at it. She just wants to be famous not actually a good musician.
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answered Apr 25, 2015 by Audria (830 points)
Iggy Azalea has won a lot of awards recently, so diehard fans of other artists have started trash talking Iggy. This year she actually beat Nicki Minaj at the Billboard awards, and fans started a petition to take the award away from her and give it to Nicki. Last year when she beat both Drake and Eminem, negative criticism spread quickly across the internet. It seems like there are a lot of people that hate Iggy just because she’s beating out more popular competition in the music world.
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answered Apr 26, 2015 by lisan (680 points)
edited Aug 23, 2015 by Kris
So why do people hate Iggy Azalea? I think people hate her because she seems to complain a lot, especially on Twitter. It seemed like she used this social media site as a regular way to complain about things, and this really started to annoy people. Not only did she complain, but she got into some rather heated Twitter battles with other celebrities like Snoop Dogg. After all the hate she was receiving because of her Twitter, Iggy has taken a temporary break from the site.
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answered May 1, 2015 by MANNY (510 points)
Many people hate Iggy Azalea because they think she fakes her Australian accent. It’s well known that Iggy claims Australia has her home country, but many are suspicious. Her accent seems to disappear while she raps, which isn’t so uncommon for musicians, but it also seems to disappear when she’s hyping up the crowd during lives shows. This has lead to a lot of speculation against her identity; however, it’s also not unusual for non-American rappers to rap in an American accent.
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