Why do people hate Jews?

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asked Dec 30, 2018 in Culture & Society by Jennifet (560 points)
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All around the world there seems to be a universal hatred for the Jewish culture. I don’t understand why there seems to be so much animosity from people about the Jews because they don’t seem to really hurt anyone. Why do people hate Jews? Am I missing something?

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answered May 23, 2019 by omran (850 points)
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This is an interesting question, especially with all of the issues that the world is facing right now when it comes to racism. Why do people hate Jews? The better question is why does any person hate one particular ethnic group at all? The reality is that most people hate Jews because they feel like Jews have a chip on their shoulder. The Jewish community as a whole seems to have a lot going for them, from the amount of success that they have to the professionalism that they carry throughout their lives.

Jews tend to be successful in all areas of their lives. Jewish children are smart and work harder than most of their counterparts. While it’s fine to have some jealousy toward the Jews because of their success, I don’t feel like it’s necessary to hate them. Rather, maybe some of us should look up to them and follow the example that they seem to set.
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answered Apr 7, 2019 by teana (1,060 points)
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So why do people hate Jews? People hate Jews because they don’t understand them. Just like with most cultural issues the majority of problems tend to start because someone has created an opinion regarding something that they just don’t clearly understand. I believe that this is the same situation with the Jewish culture. People have created an opinion regarding a culture that they have never taken the time to truly understand.
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answered Jan 14, 2019 by Shantelle (800 points)
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I think that this is an excellent question. I have often wondered why people hate Jews. Is it because they are so much more successful than the rest of us? Do they have some sort of special standing in society that should make the rest of us be jealous of them? I honestly don’t think there is that much of a reason to hate Jews. I have never met a Jewish person in my life that I haven’t liked. I have a sister-in-law who comes from a Jewish family and they are wonderful people I have never found a reason to not like them and they don’t seem any different from any other person in the world. I personally don’t think that people should hate what they don’t understand.
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answered Aug 7, 2019 by Amber (1,430 points)
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Agree! I don’t hate Jews, I just barely know them, lol :P   Don’t like someone doesn’t necessarily means you hate them.
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