Why do people hate Obama?

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asked Aug 10, 2015 in Culture & Society by TameraFarrar (480 points)
I never get around the hate surrounding our President Barrack Obama. He seems to me like an all around great guy! Probably my favourite president since, well, no one else really. He’s charismatic, doing really well for the economy considering his time starts during the subprime mortgage crisis era. Why do people hate Obama? Because he is black? That I could understand, but it’s 2015 and we shouldn’t have this prejudice since the Confederate got demolished. I guess if you are a Republican and hate being people that are being progressive (because freedom!), there’s that too.

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answered Aug 12, 2015 by AngelineW24 (380 points)
People hate President Barrack Obama is because he gets all the blame from the previous Bush administration. When you are currently busy fixing whatever mess the former president has left, it’s no wonder the current president will get to the blamed. The millions of jobs lost during the subprime mortgage crisis? Recession brought about by Bush Administration. Allowing illegal immigrants to enlist in US military? Bush did that on 2008 and the policy would last to 2016. The Obama administration simply extends the policy that was already passed. Releasing the leader of ISIS? That was on 2004, Bush era, with the rights to release the detainee passed on to the Iraqi government. You can blame it on the Republican supporter for spreading the false information, such as notably, Fox News. Pretty ironic if you think about it, the Republicans are blaming the fault in the country to the current Democrats president even though their Republican president is the one that started the problem. There’s also him being black, which the conservatives really do not like.
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answered Sep 22, 2015 by Luz078886004 (210 points)
Why do people hate Obama? Leave it to President Obama to explain it himself to a fourth-grade boy. Not everyone hates President Obama since he did get elected. The media, however, like to show the negative more, so it seems the trend is to hate President Obama. It’s politics, once a party wins, the other would do whatever it takes to bring down his reputation. Then there is also the worries about the people themselves and the country they live in. The economy is going down a recession when the Obama administration enters the office. People are losing jobs, home and healthcare here and there. They feel frustrated and the President of the USA needs to sponge it up and deal with it as soon as possible and effectively. Which he did and people still hate him because no one really expect a problem that took decades to develop to take several more decades to fix.
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