Why do people shoplift?

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asked Oct 23, 2018 in Culture & Society by Gina (550 points)
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Have you guys ever been out in public and noticed a few kids, or maybe even adults, wondering around a store looking suspicious? You watch for a few minutes and find that they are putting things in their pockets. Why do people shoplift? Why do some of us work hard for our money that we spend and others don’t spend any money at all?

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answered Apr 23, 2019 by Diane (650 points)
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Why is it that people shoplift? Any kind of crime is a complex thing to understand. Why do people commit crimes at all? Typically to understand a crime such as shoplifting you have to truly understand the person that is committing the crime. Most of the time a person isn’t shoplifting because they are poor or lack the appropriate resources to purchase an item. Rather, they are doing it to get some sort of thrill out of stealing something and not getting caught. Most of the time a person who is shoplifting is trying to satisfy some sort of underlying need. Maybe there are problems at home or school that they don’t know how to deal with. Instead of talking to someone about these issues they find a way to cope and for some that means shoplifting to help them feel better. While it may seem like an excuse, the term Kleptomania, or klepto, is actually a psychological disorder where a person steals because it helps them to feel some sort of relief from the pressures that they are facing in day to day life. Typically the item that a person with this type of disorder is stealing is not even something that they need. Rather, it is a way to calm depression, frustration, and anxiety.
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answered Aug 8, 2019 by colleen (600 points)
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Ummm, why do people shoplift? I think because they are selfish. Instead of going out and getting a real job where they make real money they steal. No matter what anyone says about it, shoplifting is not something that is fun nor would it be a way to relieve any sort of stress. How can you be relieving stress from shoplifting? You would constantly be worried about getting caught by the police. Why would anyone want a criminal record hanging over their head just so that they can get a rush from shoplifting? People don’t steal because they want the rush, they steal because they don’t have the money to buy their own items. At no time is it okay to steal. Ask for help if you are so desperate that you feel the need to shoplift something. Store owners work hard to make money so when a person steals from them they are essentially losing money to help feel their own families. It is never okay to shoplift and there most certainly is no excuse for it!
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