Why do people take drugs?

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I really can't say why people who take drugs do so. I have gone through a lot of bad situations in my life, but never have I ever entertained the thoughts of resorting to drug abuse. My kid brother does weed. My dad does heroin. But why they chose to become drug addicts even when they knew the harmful effects of drugs and the health implications is what I can't seem to unravel. Can anyone tell me why people like my dad and brother can't seem to live a normal life without abusing drugs despite the several harmful effects their habits have on their health and overall wellbeing?

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There are several reasons why people use drugs. The reasons differ from one individual to the other. Below are some common reasons why people result to drug use:

  1. People who were victims of certain abuses like sexual and physical abuses result to drugs as a way of forgetting their pains and handling their traumas.
  2. People take drugs because they believe it will help them fit into the society and their peer group more.
  3. People take drugs because they want to experiment.
  4. People take drugs because they love the feelings they once got from it.
  5. Some people see family members, friends and people they look up to as role models taking drugs so they feel it is cool to do so.
  6. People get bored and feel drugs will help cure their boredom.
  7. People become addicted to the prescription drugs they used for treating certain physical injuries.
  8. People take drugs to help them beat stress.
  9. People take drugs because they want to escape from the realities around them and relax.
  10. People take drugs because they are frustrated or angry with the world.
  11. People take drugs because the media make it look as if it is a cool thing to do.
  12. People take drugs because they want to turn rebels.
  13. People take drugs because they believe it shows they have come of age.
  14. People take drugs because it hardens their hearts to commit crimes.
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People take drugs for reasons best known to them. Some reasons why people take drugs are to feel good about themselves, to get a false self-esteem, courage, and confidence. Some believe it helps them forget about the world and every problem it brings. Some say it makes them look cool and feel smarter.
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Why do people take drugs? People who use drugs do so because they wish to remove their minds from realities around them. A good example is a man with a very stressful family and work life; such a man would always want to take some nights out with friends to get high on booze and drugs. The night parties help such people forget the several problems plaguing them at home and in the office for some time. Of course, this escape is to give them rest of mind for that moment and help them forget the problems they can't handle immediately since they are issues they plan to resolve in the future. If the reason for getting high is not to remove the problems from one's mind until when it can be conveniently tackled, then the booze becomes a very irresponsible act.

Things get out of hand when someone battling issues like stress or depression, starts using drugs more often and it becomes an addiction. This is the point people who advocate for no drug use make. Another very important point to note is that drugs can cause depression and mood swings. Yet, several people manage to escape these negative effects of drug use by adopting more disciplined drug use approaches.
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