Why do we have ear wax?

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I have lots of questions concerning ear wax: Do we need ear wax? Why do we have them? How is ear wax formed? And what does ear wax do for us?

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Ear wax is also known as cerumen – a relatively shiny sticky substance formed by wax glands in the external part of the human ear canal-the organ that separates the internal ear from the ample external ear. Ear wax can be between 20 and 50% fat, and it covers your ear canal and provides the ear with a moisturizing effect, keep infections at bay, and help prevent the entrance of dirt, dust, and several other debris from entering the ear. Most people produce adequate ear wax, but if the ear wax your ear produces is inadequate, you can develop dry and itchy ears, and become more susceptible to infections.

So what is the major function of the ear wax and why do we need it?

  • Earwax does a number of important things such as protecting and moisturizing the skin of the ear canal, and prevents dry itchy ears from developing.
  • Secondly, ear wax contains some very special chemicals that help fight off infections that are capable of hurting the skin in the internal part of the ear.
  • Finally, it shields the eardrum from the outer world. When things like dirt, dust and other debris get into your ear, they get trapped by the earwax to keep them from going any further into your ears.

For you to remove earwax from your ear, this is the best approach to take: nothing! You don't have to do any special thing to remove those wax in your ears. Washing your hair often can be a very effective way to maintain a very clean ears. If you need tips on how to remove earwax anyway, visit the link below:


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Why do we have ear wax? I found a video with enough information to answer this question:

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