Why do we have pubic hair?

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asked Apr 8, 2015 in Health & Wellness by kay (820 points)
What is the reason for pubic hair? Everyone has it but why?

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answered Apr 12, 2015 by RANDY (830 points)

There is no scientifically proven specific absolutely known reason why we have pubic hair, but there are many theories that may indicate the fact:

  1. Pubic hair can keep our genitals warm.
  2. Pubic hair can keep other reproductive organs (such as scrotum for men) warm.
  3. Pubic hair can hold pheromones (signally scents which attract one person to another).
  4. Pubic hair can show that a person has hit puberty and is of age to reproduce (This in no way means they are emotionally or even physically ready to do so).
  5. Pubic hair can show fertility (we have no pubic hair when we are young, and it actually begins to falls out as we age).



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answered Apr 13, 2015 by George (790 points)
Pubic hair is there to attract a partner. It can look cute and also holds pheromones. Pheromones are a scent that is naturally on a person (or any mammal with hair) to entice a mate. Pheromones are created by the apocrine glands releasing a liquid (sweat) that mix with bacteria on the skin. This scent is different for each person.
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answered Apr 13, 2015 by Samara (740 points)
Why do we have pubic hair? Pubic hairs are good for protection from chaffing. They are also a natural way for the body to provide a shield over major arteries and nerves. We need pubic hair to protect our private areas as well as certain nerves and arteries in the area. Pubic hairs can also be visually stimulating to your partner.
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answered Apr 12, 2015 by Hiyaam (630 points)
Why do we have pubic hair? There are many theories including reducing friction while having sex, keeping your private area warm, to trap scents (pheromones), to show you’ve hit puberty.

But personally, I think it is a remnant of evolution for human beings. Today, I don't find out any function for pubic hair. The pubic hair doesn't give me any "attractive" impression. All I want to do is to shave them completely.
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