Why do we have to die?

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asked Jul 2, 2015 in Culture & Society by Suanne (630 points)
Recently I spent a lot of our time thinking about what is going to happen to us when we get older. Will we die young? Will we die at a very old age and outlive all of our loved one? Why do we have to die at all?

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answered Jul 7, 2015 by manprit (1,120 points)
Have you ever thought and wondered to yourself why it is our lives need to end? Would it really be so bad if we just lived forever? The reality is that many of us are terrified of the idea of death. We often sit and wonder if today will be our last day on earth. We have all seen friends and family pass away at young ages from terrible things. Cancer, accidents, unexplained death, you name it we have all experienced some sort of loss that has us wondering why we even have to die.

I think that the best answer that anyone could give to why we have to die is that it’s just simply the cycle of life. There is truly nothing to base the study on. You will hear people tell stories of near death experiences and what they felt, what they saw but it never really explains why a person has to pass on. Do they enter another realm? Do they just stay buried in the ground or float away as ash? What is the purpose of dying? I think that it’s to make way for a new beginning for others.
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answered Jul 6, 2015 by Hollie (820 points)
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So why do we have to die?

The idea of death has fascinated people for centuries. Because no real scientific work can be done of something as complex as death there have been really no concrete answers as to why we have to die. While some people who have died and been revived again claim that they saw things and felt things after death that they have never felt before, it still doesn’t help get us any closer to answering why do people have to die.

Many who can tell tales of near death experiences claim that they felt almost as though they were in a peaceful slumber. Almost as if their whole lives had led up to the exact moment when they died and were able to finally rest peacefully. Some who have had near death experiences also claim that the feelings that they had while they were dead were some of the greatest feelings they have ever experienced in their life. Maybe the answer to why we have to die is so that we can finally let go of all of the stress that is going on in our lives.
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