Why do we say the pledge of allegiance?

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At every school I’ve been to, the daily morning routine is an announcement followed by saying the pledge of allegiance. It’s one of those things that you just do because that’s what you’ve always done and everyone else just does it too. I had never really questioned why I did it until thinking about it recently. Why do we say the pledge of allegiance at school?

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America is built on the service of its people, and there are so many people that have fought and are still fighting for the freedom and opportunities we have. So saying the pledge of allegiance in schools is a way of honoring these people and teaching children to think about their obligation to serve their country as adults. One day they’ll be in charge, so it’s important to teach them young that helping their country is important.
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answered Dec 1, 2018 by Paula (890 points)
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The school system enforces this to make sure we say the pledge of allegiance as children to create loyalty to the American government. You actually have the right to stay silent and not say the pledge, even if your school tries to threaten you and tell you otherwise. The right not to say it is covered under the first amendment concerning freedom of speech. So they are attempting to control you, but you don’t to participate in this whatsoever.
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It's very important to understand that the Pledge of Allegiance is NOT a pledge of loyalty to the government, but to our Nation, which is comprised of we ourselves, the PEOPLE.  The government is merely an administrative organ of the American people.  If our government becomes tyrannical, it's our duty to replace it. We don't answer to or serve the government; the government answers to and serves us.  

That's what makes us a free people.

The Pledge of Allegiance is nothing other than a pledge of unity and solidarity with your fellow Americans.  The flag is a visible symbol of an intangible bond, spirit and sense of common purpose that unites us.

We do, of course, show proper respect for government officials when possible.  But that's by no means what the Pledge of Allegiance is for.
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The history of the pledge of allegiance has made it an important aspect of American tradition. Because of this, the reason why do we say the pledge of allegiance every morning is to condition a sense of patriotism in students that helps them become the ideal citizen. It’s not brain washing or anything with bad intent like some people try to argue. Something similar to this is singing the star-spangled-banner at sports events or during the Olympics, which is common amongst a lot of countries. This is all a display of pride for one’s country and a show of unity. One of the school system’s functions here in America is creating productive future citizens, and this is one aspect of the molding and growing process.
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