Why do women like 50 shades of grey?

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I don’t understand why the book 50 Shades of Gray and its two sequels are so popular. Admittedly, I haven’t read them because I think I’d be uncomfortable with topics like bondage and explicit sex scenes but I’m curious. Why do so many women love 50 Shades of Gray? All the women at work have read it. Am I missing out?

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The books written by E.L. James about the romance between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele blazed to the top of bestseller charts and went on to become a popular movie. There’s no denying women gobbled up the novels, dubbed as ‘mommy porn’, buying millions of copies. In reality, though, the book isn’t just about sex. It’s actually the story of a beautiful love affair between a naïve young woman just learning her way around the world of romance and a handsome hunk of wealthy, powerful male. They are in a captivating monogamous relationship and what woman doesn’t want that?

This author understands women are sexual beings; they like sex, they like fairy tales, and these books combine the best of both worlds. I’ve talked to a variety of women about 50 shades and asked them why they like it. Of course, I got a variety of answers but a lot of them were similar.

Some simply said it turned them on. Others said it wasn’t the sex so much they fantasized about but having a man who was so sensitive to your every need. Anastasia didn’t have to ask for what she wanted, Christian just new instinctively and provided it. Yes, there was some domination, some bondage, but women also loved how gentle he could be, washing her hair, feeding her.

Others told me that when they get ready to have sex, they want to let everything go and not be in control anymore. Women spend enough time taking charge at work and managing the kids. A man who takes charge, and satisfies her fantasies without direction is a great escape. The care Christian takes to see to Anastasia’s complete fulfillment is intoxicating.

But the biggest turn on? The monogamy. A man who could have almost any woman he wants only wants you. He is completely faithful, completely into you. A woman knows she can trust a man like that and that’s why she’s willing to give herself completely into his hands.

Admittedly, 50 Shades of Grey is not the most perfectly composed, grammatically correct novel out there, but it still struck a chord with millions of women wanting to escape into a beautiful fantasy for a little while before heading back into hectic, exhausting, challenging reality. If that something you’d like, read the book. Otherwise, don’t worry about other women’s opinions and follow your instincts to skip this trilogy.
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Haven’t you read it? Can’t believe it… What are you gonna say when people at work talking about it? Catching up would be a good idea, gal. Or you at least should watch the movie, I can’t say it’s well shoot, but it’s entertaining enough. So why do women like 50 Shades of Grey? After watching it, you will understand ;)
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