Why do you think you can do well in this job?

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asked Apr 8, 2015 in Career & Work by Susan (630 points)
Preparing for an interview and don't know how to answer this question. Need your help!

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This question is aimed at matching your abilities to the qualities the job you applied for requires. To get the right answer to the question, you must have made adequate preparations by knowing what the employer expects and how you fit into the position. To do a good job on your employer research, you will need some analytical ability, self-awareness, and a certain level of motivation.

Refer to all the competences listed in the description for the job as a starting point. From there, prepare some very concrete examples to show you are equipped with the necessary experience and skills for the job.

For instance, if the description of the job says something like needing candidates who possess good management skills and can do well as team members. You can provide experiences:

"I have the perfect combination of experience and skills. Back in school, I was the organizer of a drama society that raised funds for charity. I headed a committee that was in charge of organizing events, taking care of things like venues and the likes so I'm quite experienced both as a team member and as a team leader. We increased the total amounts of funds raised for charity up to about a third of what was raised the year before I took charge."

Recruiters are not only looking for your involvement in some extracurricular activities, they want to measure your effectiveness during that time. If you can provide evidence of your active participation and effective contributions, it will go a long way to give you an edge over other applicants for that post or job you applied for.
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answered Apr 10, 2015 by Kaitlyn (970 points)

Why do you think you can do well in this job? The best response to give is very strong examples of your greatest skills and why how your accomplishments and experience make you the most qualified person for the job.

Take some minutes to make a good comparison between your skills and the job requirements. Also make sure you mentioned whatever you achieved in your previous jobs and the positions you held. Make sure you sound positive at all times and indicate why you are so much interested in the company and the position you are gunning for. Below are some examples to help you get your response prepared.

1. Do a matching between the job listing and your qualifications.

Look at the job listing before you prepare an answer to the above question. List out all necessary requirements for the position, including facts like qualifications, skills, personality traits, etc. Then make another list of all the qualities you possess and match them to the required qualities and see you fit in. For each of the qualities listed in the requirements, throw your mind back and remember when you have used that particular quality of trait to achieve something good in your former place of work.

2. Keep it as simple as possible.

You must make sure your answers are as brief as possible. None should exceed a minute or two. You can make a choice of one or at most two of the qualities you listed on the list of your greatest strength and skills to lay emphasis on in your sales pitch. Start by giving a detailed explanation of what the employer requires and how you are most suitable to fit into that position.

3. Pay attention to HOW UNIQUE YOU ARE

Every interviewer wants to find out what stands you out from every other applicant. So pay attention to one or two major qualities you believe are your major selling points that might not be easily available in all other applicants.

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