Why do you want to leave your current job?

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asked Apr 4, 2019 in Career & Work by NinaLuna2702 (270 points)
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I really hate my current job. I’m planning to find a new one soon. So I better be ready to answer some interview questions on why I’m quitting my current job. Why do you want to leave your current job is a question I’m not too sure of. How should I answer it? I want something that can leave an impression of professionalism. Certainly not something that implied I’m quitting because I hate my old boss. How should I go about answering that question then?

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answered Aug 5, 2019 by FlorianWeiss (400 points)
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Why do you want to leave your current job is quite tricky at first glance. The interviewer asks this question usually out of curiosity. No, they don’t want to know your explicit personal reason. “I can’t stand my boss so I want to leave.” Or “My co-workers don’t understand how to follow simple instructions.” Just avoid all those negative answer entirely. That’s just show immaturity and that you might be seen as the problem employee instead. Well, some interviewer might see sympathize with you, but don’t count on that. They are not there to be your friend, they are there to see if you are fit for the job, then maybe become your friend later on. Just don’t blame anyone on why you leave your job. They aren’t the one getting the new job, you are.
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answered May 3, 2019 by Anderson8536 (380 points)
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Replying to why do you want to leave your current job is really simple. Just stick to one rule, positivity and talk about yourself. Don’t blame anyone for your current predicament. You choose to leave and you choose to find a new one. Anyway, when faced with the question, talk about something you like or your take away from the old employment. Assure the interviewer you aren’t the problem or just trying to escape. “I’ve learned a lot in the company.” is quite effective in conveying that. Follow up with your interest in the new job, remember, this is about why you want the job. “I’m interested in the opportunity offered by your company.” End it with something that will reflect nicely on you. “I will work hard to contribute to the company success,” and all that jazz. Your focus on the reply should be about you fitting in your future job.
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