Why do you want to volunteer?

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Why are there volunteers? Does volunteering not waste your precious time? Recently, I have come to notice that more and more people volunteer abroad. Is this really a good thing? Why do you want to volunteer?

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If you volunteer for the right causes or for the right destination, it will be worth every time and effort invested in it! Volunteering abroad can also be one unforgettable experience for you. Here are some reasons I can find on why do you want to volunteer:

Volunteering is quite good for your personal growth

1. Apart from having very unique opportunities, you will gain some amazing experience and learn some new skills.

  • As an international volunteer, you will gain access to some unique opportunities that are not accessible to travelers. Working as a volunteer gives you a whole lot of advantages when working in a conservation project or with wildlife.
  • Working on a project that is not related to your professional field will give you some very unique experiences and help you learn new skills.
  • You can also learn some foreign languages during these volunteering events. Using a language in daily life situations is one easy way to improve your language skills. Volunteering gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • You will be able to experience new cultures right from within. Volunteering exposes you to new languages, new foods, and helps you meet exciting people. It equally helps you learn some differences in cultures, such as how Nigerians greet friends and what Americans prefer for breakfast.

2. A huge sense of fulfillment, international recognition, confidence and good feedback. Nothing inspires more pride and confidence in an individual than telling him he is doing well. This is a good way to see your accomplishments.

3. A new circle of friends, family and a sense of belonging. Most volunteers build friendships with other volunteers that can last a lifetime. Some friends you make during volunteering can be your major supports when life becomes somewhat unbearable.

4. Personal development experiences. Volunteering exposes you to major problems plaguing the world today. These experiences make you better equipped to face challenges back home with better results. Your first independent trip as a volunteer will give you a sense of independence you have never known.

5. Boost your CV and standout. Volunteering is one thing that can give your professional CV an edge over your competitors. Volunteering helps you discover new things about your personality which you can add to your professional CV.

6. Working as a volunteer gives you a rare sense of purpose. Volunteering is the act of doing what you are not paid to do. This is why most volunteers choose causes they are passionate about. For instance, if you are an animal lover, working as a volunteer for the protection of animal rights will enable you do something you are passionate about.

7. You will have fun. Volunteering can be quite challenging, but you will definitely have some great fun out there.

It benefits humanity.

1. Volunteering is a way of helping the less privileged in places like India or some parts of Africa.

2. Preserving the natural environment. As a conservation volunteer, you can help in places like Costa Rica, Belize, New Zealand, etc. Your work can range from marine to ecological conservation causes.

2. Making a difference. Volunteering helps you make a difference in the world. When you look at what you achieved as a volunteer, you will often have a deep sense of fulfillment.

3. Volunteering helps strengthen your community.

  • Support families (eldercare and daycare)
  • Improve education system (literacy, tutoring)
  • Lend support to youths (after-school programs and mentoring)
  • Beautify the host community (park and beach cleanups)
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Here is also my story on volunteering.

On my part as a breast cancer survivor, I do my best to help all women who have had breast cancer surgeries at one time or the other. For the past 21 years now, I have worked as a volunteer for the Reach-To-Recovery program.

What makes Reach-To-Recovery very effective is that every volunteer have once had breast cancer surgery. Women with breast cancer are encouraged to fight the ravaging monster seeing the number of survivors who volunteer to help them. Whenever I tell a breast cancer patient about my experience and surgery 21 years ago, her eyes light up. So it is important they see survivors while their trauma lasts.

Founded in 1952 by Therese Lasa another breast cancer survivor, the Reach-To-Recovery program has helped a lot of women pull through their ordeal. But prior to its inception, women with breast cancer had no one to look up to for encouragement. In 1969, the year I had my breast cancer surgery, the ACS-American Cancer Society adopted the Reach-To-Recovery program. When I saw an article about the program in the New York post, I asked my doctor if I should have one of them visit me, but the doctor said I do not need them. I felt so alone and hopeless. That was why I decided to be a volunteer later to make other people feel less lonely and helpless. And I successfully did it for so many years.

As a volunteer, there is always this sense of joy no amount of money can substitute. I think that is why do you want to volunteer.

If you want to get involved, hit the search engines for local and international opportunities!

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Reading journals authored by volunteers will give you better ideas about volunteering and why do you want to volunteer.

Below are two blogs by two volunteer bloggers. See how their unique experiences can inspire you.



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