Why does everyone hate John Cena?

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asked Jun 19, 2018 in Entertainment by TerrellJonss (280 points)
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I don’t understand why people hate John Cena. He is charismatic and entertaining to watch. Maybe it’s more entertaining for the younger audiences, but he still is one of the greatest characters in the WWE. Is it because I’m more of a casual fan than others? All the boos he received whenever I watched him doesn’t seem justified. I mean, come on, he did all the amazing things for the Make-A-Wish foundation, then why does everyone hate John Cena.

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answered May 26, 2019 by ArlenVbd8919 (390 points)
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People hate John Cena because the audience doesn’t like the way he is currently portrayed in the WWE. WWE is pretty much a theatrical play, with scripts that the actors, or wrestlers, are expected to stick with. As you can expect, all the commentators would too follow the script that the writers had decided them on. We can expect the rest of it to be ad lib, or not, since wrestlers are forced to say terrible wordy dialogue written by, more often than not, soap operas and reality TV writers. John Cena characterised to be the “good” guy of the WWE, fighting for loyalty, hustle and respect. You can see how corny and cheesy that is. So now we take that “fighting for the greater good” part of him and into a revenge storyline where he is exacting personal revenge on another wrestler at the expense of other good characters, we can see why the fans now hate him.

Then the WWE commentators and announcers continue to hype him more, continuing to shove the “good guy” character to the audience. What Cena does on stage does not match-up with what the commentators expect him to be doing, which is fighting for the good even though he is pursuing personal revenge. So we have bad writing coupled with the writers not knowing what the audiences truly want. They are bored of John Cena.
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So why does everyone hate John Cena, you think it’s just people are getting bored of him? Or I didn’t understand you correctly?
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answered Dec 24, 2018 by ChrJersey (330 points)
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WWE decides to invest their entire future on John Cena. Merchandising, promotion and outside appearances. People are tired of him. Yet they can’t get away from him. He is made the same way Superman is done, indestructible “plot armour” and you know no matter how tough his current opponent is, he is going to win anyway. There is only so much you can do with that kind of character and they have done it all. He is pretty much a character that the company wants to make popular, not because the fans wanted them to be.

Then we have the WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, or the currently the most unmotivated old man in the world that still want to micromanage every single aspect of his product. Someone who used to be considered a genius ruined the WWE itself with his own hands. He is notorious for rewriting a script sometimes at the last minute. Then John Cena comes racking in the money, so MacMahon being old, stubborn and lacking of competition makes John Cena the centerpiece of all the products, then keeps all the unpopular characters on the show just because McMahon likes it.

So why does everyone hate John Cena? There you have it, bull-headed, arrogant and outdated CEO and chairman working past his time of glory,  who doesn’t want to let go of his reign, only doing what he thinks are right, which, unfortunately, isn’t, then making the character so popular, now hated to the core by the hardcore fans.
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