Why does Gatsby get so many phone calls?

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I have always been fascinated by all things about Gatsby. I have read the book multiple times and seen the movie that was made recently. I have always wondered why Gatsby is receiving so many phone calls throughout the book and the movie. At no time is there ever explanation for what these phone calls are regarding.

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answered Jun 23, 2019 by Aranda (680 points)
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Gatsby was a very popular man in ‘The Great Gatsby’ book. He was an extremely popular philanthropist who threw wild parties but had very few friends to speak of. This causes a little bit of confusion throughout the book because it seems as though Gatsby is always on the phone. Who exactly is it that he’s talking to? The book never gives any sort of information as to whom or what he is talking about. It can only be assumed that Gatsby is speaking about illegal dealings that make him money. There is also never explanation as to where all of his money really came from. Therefore it can only be assumed that the he is making some sort of illegal business deal. I think that’s why Gatsby gets so many phone calls.
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any other reasons why does Gatsby get so many phone calls?
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