Why does my nose get stuffy at night?

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I have this problem of getting a clogged nose every night, no matter how often I get it cleaned, it never stays cleaned for long. Most times when I blow it, it feels very dry and nothing comes out of it. This only happens in the night, and I wonder why it keeps happening.

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There are several reasons why your nose can get stuffy at night, so knowing which one you are suffering can be a bit hard. Below are the most common reasons why your nose get clogged most nights:

  1. There may be inadequate humidity in the atmosphere during your bedtime, this can dry out your nasal routes. They can also become very irritated. You breathe deeper when you sleep, so the problem becomes worse during the night.
  2. Sinuses play the role of airbags, and once they can no longer do their draining jobs perfectly, breathing through your nose becomes a bit difficult. Because gravity plays some very important roles in draining your sinuses, the problem becomes more severe in the night. Your sinuses are likely to drain backwards through your throat when you lay sleeping in the night, and this can easily cause irritation. Your sinuses will always drain to the side adjacent the side you are laying with, which makes it hard for you to breathe through your nose.
  3. Nasal polyps are growths that aggravate the lining on your nose walls, but they are non-cancerous in nature. They block the flow of air into and out of your nose. They like growing in clusters like some grape fruits do. While they can make your breathing hard during the day, and most evenings, certain conditions like nose inflammatory reactions/ sinusitis can cause polyp capillaries to get bigger, mostly in the evenings. Polyps can keep your nose fluffy as soon as evenings set in and sometimes for the entire day, causing symptoms like mouth breathing, headache, slumber apnea, post-nasal drip, and also reduces the sense of taste and smell.
  4. Allergies would be another reason why your nose is always fluffy at night. If your nose gets fluffy only during your sleep, chances are, your pillow or bedding has a material you are quite allergic to. Other allergies that can give you a stuffy nose include allergies to dust and dust mites.
  5. If your nose only get stuffy at night, your septum – that thin layer between your two nostrils could be deviated. An injury or birth defect can be responsible for this, but this situation is quite rare.

The link below will show you how you can cure your stuffy nose:


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Why does my nose get stuffy at night? Some major causes of nasal congestion include: Nasal polyps, allergies, poor draining by your sinuses, poor humidity, etc.
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Consult your physician. You don't have to keep living with so much discomfort when you can easily get medical help concerning the issue.
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Why does my nose get stuffy at night? Sometimes it does happen without reason, but you can use several nasal allergy sprays abound in the market to alleviate nasal congestions. I used Flonase every night before going to bed and it did help me a whole lot.
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