Why does Obi Wan vanish?

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Why does Obi Wan vanish in The New Hope instead of dying after he is cut in two? While I was watching the movie I realized that this is probably one of the most confusing things that happened so far. Can anyone help me understand why Obi Wan simply vanishes into thin air?

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The Star Wars movie seem to lead you on all kind of adventures and at times parts of the films can be hard to explain. For example, why does Obi Wan vanish and where exactly did he go? If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, you know that the answer is that Obi Wan had learned of the ghost force ability early on. With this power he is actually able to come back and can be heard by others. This allows him to continue to give guidance even though he is no longer actually present in his true form.
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Trying to figure out why Obi Wan vanished in the Star Wars movie The New Hope can be difficult to explain if you haven’t seen the rest of the films.

If you watch earlier films, you will learn how powerful Obi Wan is and what type of gifts he has actually picked up on through his life. One of these gifts was the ability to turn into a force ghost. This ability allowed him to come back and give advice and guidance but not be present in his original form. It took many years of study for Obi Wan to actually learn this ability and even towards the end during his death he wasn’t sure if the ability would even be something that he could use.
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If you want to know more about why does Obi Wan vanish, here’s a good source you can find the answer and know more about those Jedis and Force Ghosts:


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