Why does sperm leak out?

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asked Aug 6, 2019 in Pregnancy & Parenting by Oliva (710 points)
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I have been trying for a baby for weeks now with my husband. Is it normal to have the sperm leak out after intercourse? We have been trying different positions to help increase our chances. It seems that in missionary, the sperm will come out. Anything I can do about it? Does it matter if it does leak out anyway? Trying to get pregnant is more hard work that I thought, so we want our best chance.

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answered Aug 8, 2019 by Shaquinta (1,020 points)
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Why does sperm leak out is a common questions asked by so many couples who’re trying for a baby. Sperm leaking out is totally normal. It isn’t affected by the position, just the composition of the semen itself. While the sperms is the most important part, with 200 to 400 million tiny little swimmers at any one time. To get pregnant, you just need one to reach the egg. The rest of the ejaculate is made up of various liquid, some for lubrication and some to help the delivery, giving the sperms a place to swim. The majority of the semen is made of these liquid, these are usually the ones that leaked out, so no worries.

What matters is the one that gets inside. It will stay at the back of the vagina and some of the amounts will continue going down the cervix and tubes that lead to the egg. Just take it easy, quality of the sperm matters more than quantity. In fact, having more sperm retained inside, you won’t increase the chances of conceiving, regularity of intercourse will more likely to help. You are making a baby, a future to care for, you don’t want to rush it anyway. Just relax and enjoy the sex while you still can!
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