Why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat?

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I’ve having problems eating lately. The roof of my mouth will hurt when I eat. I didn’t consume anything weird these few days. The last I probably did was when I burn my tongue when I drank a cup of coffee. Any idea what could cause it? Might the coffee burns damage the roof of my mouth? Why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat?

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Canker sores?? It could be a possibility why does the roof of my roof hurt when I eat. Do you know how can I examine it?

When the mouth hurts when you eat, it could be burning mouth syndrome, a burning sensation on the roof of the mouth. No one is sure the exact cause of it, often suspected to be mouth dryness or oral thrush that could bring in the discomfort. It is often the worse in the morning, becoming less severe through the day. Yogurt and other soft creamy food could help in reducing the burning sensation caused by the diseases and fungal infection. To help the healing process, do take some medication, usually in the form of baking soda paste. Visit your local pharmacy if you are not sure how to go about dealing with it. Just stock up on yoghurt in the meantime.
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The roof of the mouth hurts when you eat because it can be easily disturbed. The mouth is sensitive and often in contact with foreign substances (food, drink, that packet of chips you rip open with your teeth, etc.), so some of them are due to react negatively to the body. Aggravation of the roof the mouth could be caused by the appearance of sores, which sometimes appear in the palate and develop a burning sensation. The pain could be more obvious when you just woke up since your mouth is drier, eating spicy food and even snoring. Food that are irritating to the flesh might hurt is easier. Think ice cubes which have corners that might scratch the tissues. Spicy foods and food with extreme cold or heat can damage the mouth as well, swelling might occur as such. Tobacco could discomfort the roof of the mouth as well. Try to alter your diet to avoid food that could agitate your mouth. If you are feeling the pain, then stick to food that are relatively bland and at room temperature to let it heal naturally.
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Canker sores might develop on the mouth roof. These are caused by bacteria that might enter through a cut, scratch or burn. It might be difficult to see, but there will be red sores on the roof of the mouth, slowly filled with white and yellow pus. DO NOT BREAK these sores as the bacteria might spread and give you more sores. Canker sores should disappear after a few days. Avoid too much contact with the sores or even worse, breaking the pus that might form. The area might also be infected from bacteria or virus from sore throats, common cold, etc.

It’s may also caused by sinus pressure pushing the invaders to the mouth. Get medication quickly to relieve the pain and prevent further infection. Quick relieve to the pus could be done with rubbing some salt or baking soda, but this can be very painful.
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Canker sores?? It could be a possibility why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat. Do you know how can I examine it?
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If you accidently burn your mouth with hot drinks, then that could be the source of the pain. The scalding of the roof of the mouth irritates the flesh on the mouth roof. The area would then be extremely sensitive to touch, sometimes blisters may appear at the burned spot, lasting several days. Immediately cooling the area affected right after the burn can help to prevent further damage. Drink cold water slowly, swishing them around the scalded area. Give the area to heal by avoiding spicy food and limit any contact with the burned part.
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