Why does the sun make you tired?

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asked May 2, 2015 in Science by MaryjoDinkin (260 points)
I can never go outside during noon before feeling really tired, just really sleepy whenever I am out in the sun. I can sleep really well the whole night, wake up and do everything in the morning with no problems. Then the sun reaches high and I’m just exhausted and start getting cranky. So if you have the similar system with me, in your opinion why does the sun make you tired? Am I overdosing on vitamin D?

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answered Jul 2, 2015 by AmadoSeabroo (390 points)
If the sun is making you feel tired, you can blame it on our excellent body function. The body is on a constant control for the right internal temperature. It works really hard to maintain the same consistent heat. When the sun come up, exposing you to the additional heat, your body ends up working harder to cool your body off (say, by sweating). Your metabolism and heart rate increases to keep up. All that extra work might leave your body drained and tired, even if you are just sitting under the sun. Speaking of sitting under the sun, heat exhaustion and dehydration might also deplete your energy. You are losing fluids with the sweating or just evaporation off the skin that you can’t see directly. That fatigue is one of the symptoms. Just drink more water to help the body cool off and hydrated!
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answered Aug 14, 2015 by Kirsty (890 points)
The sun is messing around with the chemicals in your body. I believe this is why does the sun make you tired. It’s no surprise that the sun rays can penetrate your skin layer and damage it (sunburn, etc.). These chemical effects might produce exhaustion among other after being under the sun for a little too long. Well, these usually happen under a the hottest hour, usually just past noon. Seek shade and it should no be a problem. Drink more water and eat salty snacks, you lose salt and fluid when you sweat. Direct strong sunlight isn’t really enjoyed by your skin. While being under the sun might have its benefits, like the vitamin D, you can’t get overdosed by it, rather your body will refuse to process any additional vitamins. Then from then on you just risk getting sunburned. Just leave the sun if you start to feel uncomfortable if you do insist then make sure you have water readily available around.
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