Why doesn’t he like me?

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asked Nov 13, 2018 in Relationships by AddieMalone (270 points)
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To me, I'm every guy's dream girl. I have what it takes to make heads turn, but he doesn't seem to love me like I love him. Can anyone tell me why doesn't he like me?

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answered Dec 4, 2018 by Latashae (710 points)
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I have no doubt that you are a very nice girl, but you see, about the question why doesn’t he like me, things don't always work out the way we would have loved them to. Every guy is unique in his own way, but most times when a guy does not respond to the hints you drop, it is always due to one or more of the reasons outlined below:

Acting like you are too available or needy turns men off easily. If you show a guy too much love and affection, he may feel suffocated and run from you as well.

  • He may have some special attributes he wishes to see in his partner, which you lack. Think of your past dates you didn't really like because they lacked something you wanted in your man. Men can be like that too.
  • Sometimes we allow ourselves fall in love with people who see us as mere friends. This may be what you are facing presently. He may not be attracted to you at all.
  • He may be so busy starting a new business that he has no time to notice your feelings towards. Or he may not be ready for anything serious with a member of the opposite sex yet.
  • It is possible he is in love with another girl or he doesn't do women at all. Some men are gay and you won't know until they tell you. Find out if he is gay and live your life.
  • He may have some unreasonable standards due to his weird nature. The age gap between you two may make him see you as a mere kid. He may see you as being too hot and sexy to make a good girlfriend.
  • Though the world is more enlightened now, there are still chances that his family and friends did not approve of your relationship or his religion forbids him from dating anyone of different belief.
  • He may be the shy type. Some guys are just too shy that they cannot bring themselves to asking a girl out. If you love him so much that you can't bear the thought of living without him, do the needful and ask him out, especially when you notice he is the shy type. But don't forget that if you make the first move, you will have to be the one to initiate most actions in the relationship afterwards
  • Apart from the above mentioned points, it is important you make sure he knows the way you feel about him. Chances are that he might not have noticed your attraction to him. Flirt with him a bit and tell him what you love about him.

Conclusively, the reasons outlined above are some common reasons for why doesn’t he like me and not ask you out yet. To be frank with you, any guy that does not think you are worth the stress shouldn't give you headaches. Forget him and wait for that someone who will treat you like the angel of his heart.

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