Why dogs are better than cats?

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asked Jul 27, 2015 in Pets & Animals by Tracy (780 points)
Yes this question looks stupid and bore, but it is important for me. My roommate and I want to have a pet, I want a dog but she want a cat. So I just want to persuade her. Personally I don't like cats but I want to get some objective points that are more persuasive.

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answered Jul 31, 2015 by nigel (1,050 points)

I have two dogs and a cat, and I'd like to share my opinion with you:

  1. It is easier to train dogs to make them better companions than it is with cats. I have never seen any cat sit, stay, or roll over on command, have you?
  2. Dogs are known to be much smarter than cats any day. Ever seen any dog fall into a fish tank or any other tank? Neither have I ever seen any.
  3. A dog gives your home better protection that a cat can possibly do.
  4. Dogs are more wired to help you live a more active lifestyle. Have you seen anyone walking his or her cat before?
  5. Cats will jump up on several things that won't make a dog bash an eyelid. My cat never left my computer keyboard. No dog does that. I always see cats on kitchen counters, again something a dog never does. Your dog will also be hardly found climbing a tree.
  6. It is much more fun playing with dogs than it is with cats.
  7. A dog is sensitive enough to know when you are in a foul mood and tries to lighten your mood. The cat won't care whether you feel great or not, so long as you can locate the can opener when it is hungry.
  8. If your house catches fire suddenly, your dog will wake you up. But your cat will sneak out through the back door, leaving you at the mercy of the raging inferno.
  9. Dogs are very happy animals. Even if you are the grumpy type, your dog will still believe you are the best person in the world. Your dogs are always excited to see you coming home from school or work and jump to lick your face, but your cat doesn't know when you are at home or away so long as it gets its food.
  10. Dogs are very good listeners. When you try talking to your dogs, they often tilt their heads, make faces, and try to figure out what you are talking about, but your cat will only meow and walk away.
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answered Aug 3, 2015 by Rajiv (660 points)

Why dogs are better than cats? This is an interesting question. For the fun of it, let's just see some reasons why the dogs beat the cats when it comes to providing the right companionship for man.

1. You don't have to worry about litter boxes!

I love cats no doubts about that, but I hate the sight of litter boxes with passion. No matter how hard you try to keep things tidy, the litter box must have an offensive smell. To me, one of the major negatives of owning a cat is having to put up with the litter box, especially if you live in a very small house. With dogs, you don't need any litter box.

2. Dogs only want to have fun.

I'm not trying to say that cats are not playful, no, but they are nowhere as playful as dogs. There are limits when it comes to playing with your cat, but with dogs, the fun continues and can take very many different turns. With dogs, there is never a dull moment because you can train your dog to join you in so many games.

3. More control and less destruction.

Cats are more difficult to control. They go where they please, scratch where they fancy, jump where they like and mark whatever they feel like leaving a mark on thereby causing a whole lot of damages. But with dogs, you can train them to stay where you want them to stay at all times.

4. It is easier to train dogs.

Training your cat to live as you dictate can be quite frustrating. Cats have the trait of doing whatsoever they feel like doing whenever they feel like doing it. Dogs like being trained, but cats will always get bored and leave you to continue the training without him. Some people say cats train people, people don't train cats.

5. Dogs are good protectors.

Any day you see a cat breed defending a home and warding off vandals and trespassers, let me know so I can get one of those. Dogs are the perfect security officers who guard you and your home without expecting any monthly paycheck. The cat is not endowed with this virtue.

6. There are more choices and options with dogs.

Dogs are known to come in different sizes and shapes, a feature that cannot be found in cats… With dogs, you can't run out of options when it comes to shapes and sizes. From the giant German shepherd to the tiny Teacup Puppy, you get to choose the size and shape you love.

There could be more reasons, but I think these 6 essential reasons are enough for your roommate.

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