Why is Acacia Brinley famous?

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I’m creating an account on Tumblr and I want to find fame like Acacia has. What sorts of content has she created that I could try to make for myself?

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Acacia created a Tumblr account and used it to share photos of herself, often in her underwear. Because of this, she received a lot of hate mail, and was compelled to delete her account. However, her true fame came about through Sam Pottorff, a YouTube celebrity. She dated him for some time, but the relationship ended when Acacia realized she favored Sam’s friend, Kian.  Although she was very young at the time, she was also sending nude photos to other men throughout the relationship. Because of Sam’s popularity and wide fan base, the whole affair was very public.

Acacia still receives death threats to this day. Her actions are by no means a healthy way to achieve renown. Living in obscurity is preferable to being so widely hated.

After her ordeal with Sam, Acacia created a YouTube channel to cater to her own fans. Her reputation was entirely based on her relationship with him, but her videos consisted of her talking about herself or singing. Unfortunately, she is not a gifted singer, as she was later ejected from a band.

She is generally disliked by the internet community since the incident, as she has tried to further her fame by forming relationships with other male celebrities such as Dylan Holland, Austin Mahone, and One Direction. I don’t claim to be a fan of hers, but these are the facts. I know because I’ve been following Sam Pottorff on YouTube, and I saw these events play out. Don’t try to use Tumblr to get attention. You may find that the attention is not as positive as you would like.

However, this article could help you if you still want to be like Acacia Brinley.


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Why is Acacia Brinley famous? I don't know but  the following tips must help you:

  1. Try to stay on top of hipster fashion and hairstyles.
  2. Take lots of selfies to show off your style.
  3. Remember to blog about avant-garde things with a quirky sense of humor like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, or artsy nature shots.
  4. Follow lots of other users and expand your network.
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